Hard times 

Hard times 

Doesn’t it seem some times that your work life takes over the rest of your life? 

Work has been hard lately and it has taken it out of me a little.

I have been spending lots of time taking care, or trying too, of other people and not really looking out for myself.

Something clicked with me today and I realised how much I had been missing the things I enjoy doing. Like blogging and interacting with other bloggers for example.

I spent some time with friends and family this weekend, and after a lovely walk at barrybados, my head became a little clearer.

We don’t have children, so this little lady is the centre of my universe. I realised how much I love to see her enjoy herself, and how much I’d missed her the last few weeks. I’ve been with her in body but my spirit has been elsewhere. 

I’ve started reorganising my life, de cluttering the house, and getting back to my organised self! 

Life is short and I have so many things to look forward too so time to work hard and achieve my goals!

Next week I have a River Island style session which I won through a lovely blog written by the gorgeous Naomi. Here’s the link: http://www.diamondsnpearls.co.uk/category/life/

So much to look forward too! Back in the game!! 

Stay focussed

Laura xx

#OOTD conference day 2

#OOTD conference day 2

a full day of presenting in a venue that is mostly glass so it is like a green house!

I needed to be smart yet cool so here is what I chose:

Jacket- Matalan

Dress- Jaques Vert

Shoes- M&S

I originally bought the dress for a wedding, but once I removed the ribbon belt it made a pretty work dress! It’s floaty and cool but smart enough to give me confidence!

I hope you all had a lovely day!

Laura xx

#OOTD work conference 

#OOTD work conference 

depending on where you work, there may be a set dress code for a conference.

Where I work there seems to be a varied interpretation on ‘smart casual office wear.’

However, as this is a conference that I am running, I decided smart is the only way to go!

Here is my outfit for day 1:

Jacket and skinny fit trousers – Matalan

Top and bag – Next

Shoes – M&S

Necklace – Oasis

I love the bag because it gives that splash of colour!

What do you guys wear for a meeting at work? 

Stay fabulous

Laura x

Back on the road ….

Back on the road ….

After a week off work which consisted of birthday celebrations, eating out and alcohol, I am back on the road in more ways then one!

Back to work and back to the diet!

I am travelling all week so I had to be prepared.


Living out of a suitcase means hotel food. Having done this job for over two years I am sick of hotel food.  I was sick of it after two months.

It is either delicious or disgusting. Either way- it’s calorific. I just can’t afford to allow myself to eat like that all the time.

So I pack a little plastic plate and cutlery in my suitcase! Everyone laughs at me, but I honestly don’t care! It helps me on my ever lasting quest to lose weight!

Then, wherever I am in the country, I find a super market and pick up my tea:

 And if I am really lucky, I pick up these little life savers:


Little individual measures of balsamic vinegar! So super handy! I rarely see them, so when I do I buy the lot!

Today I came across these:


 Wow! Again super handy for my travels! I’m always looking for healthy little snacks! These are gluten free and 69 calories for a pack, and there are four little cakes in each pack. They are delicious!!! There are six individual packs so they will be my treat for the week! I found these randomly in the confectionary aisle in the supermarket, and not the ‘free from’ section.

I also grab my breakfast for the next day, which looks like this:


 I have an early start and a busy day tomorrow, so it’s best to be prepared!

How do you prepare your food for the week? Does any one batch cook?

Laura x   

Day 2

Day 2

So planning and preparing worked well today!
For breakfast I had scrambled eggs made with water and simply seasoned- delicious! If I wasn’t behaving and being gluten free, I would have added a round of toast with butter on. To be honest- I didn’t even miss the toast! Also, I felt more awake than I had done for a long time in the morning. Am I seeing results after 24 hours or is it all in the mind?!

I have been at the office all day where I would usually have at least five cups of coffee. Today, I had herbal tea and water which was ok but I definitely missed the coffee! I’m not keen on milk substitutes so would rather drink it black.

Lunch was the salad I prepared last night- lovely even if I do say so myself! I work away an awful lot so when I am home I make the effort to make myself a healthy lunch.

After work I popped to tesco and checked out their free from range. There was lots of products on offer so I think I have enough to be getting on with!

For tea I had the gluten free cinnamon bagels with lactose free spread- so good!

Tomorrow I know is going to be hard. I have a conference at work and my food was pre ordered a month ago- not gluten or dairy free! However it is only one meal I will struggle with the rest I have planned – especially the buffet breakfast! Easy!

Did any one make gluten free pancakes today?