Hard times 

Hard times 

Doesn’t it seem some times that your work life takes over the rest of your life? 

Work has been hard lately and it has taken it out of me a little.

I have been spending lots of time taking care, or trying too, of other people and not really looking out for myself.

Something clicked with me today and I realised how much I had been missing the things I enjoy doing. Like blogging and interacting with other bloggers for example.

I spent some time with friends and family this weekend, and after a lovely walk at barrybados, my head became a little clearer.

We don’t have children, so this little lady is the centre of my universe. I realised how much I love to see her enjoy herself, and how much I’d missed her the last few weeks. I’ve been with her in body but my spirit has been elsewhere. 

I’ve started reorganising my life, de cluttering the house, and getting back to my organised self! 

Life is short and I have so many things to look forward too so time to work hard and achieve my goals!

Next week I have a River Island style session which I won through a lovely blog written by the gorgeous Naomi. Here’s the link: http://www.diamondsnpearls.co.uk/category/life/

So much to look forward too! Back in the game!! 

Stay focussed

Laura xx

This week has sucked the life out of me.

This week has sucked the life out of me.

this week I have been all over the country! I have missed reading everyone’s blogs so much!

I spent hours stuck on the M25 in almost 40’c heat! Impossible!

I had the air con on constantly to keep me cool- driving almost 1000 miles in three days is not easy. However, there are after effects of air con for me. 

I wear contact lenses and find that any time of air conditioning dries my eyes out. Roll on to Friday and my left eye is completely swollen, very dry and sore and I couldn’t put a contact lens in if I tried! (And I have. So many times. My eye ball feels like it’s on fire.)

I have also been training my new team member, and that’s exhausting. I am used to travelling by myself and i have my own quirky ways of doing things. I have also realised that other then when I am at a meeting, I am mostly in my own company while I am away.

At a meeting today I was the subject of what was basically a witch hunt. It was terrible. No one could believe what was going on and I had to stop it. I spent the six hours driving home extremely upset, again exhausting.

Luckily for me the beloved seems to have turned over a new leaf, and has cleaned the house! It is so nice to come home to a clean house after a week away- makes a big difference!

I’m determined to have fun tomorrow starting with the gym at 9am! 

I also plan to not having such an exhausting week ever again!

What have you been up to?

Laura x

beyond busy 

beyond busy 

I’m so sorry I’ve been so quiet!

Work has been busy. Busier then busy!

I have so much to prepare for a course that I run and also a new team member, I have been exhausted!

However after the next two weeks I have a little holiday to look forward too!

I’m off to Portugal with a very good friend for a few days so prepare yourselves to see how terrible I am at packing!

I also have my black tie ball to attend and I have a few dress choices to show you all!

Apologies for the lack of posts, I will be back on form very soon!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Laura x

Days 3, 4 & 5- fail

Days 3, 4 & 5- fail

Hey guys
Hope you are all as glad it is finally Friday as me!
The last few days have been busy. I was away with work at a conference and my evening meal was pre ordered. The rest of the time I was ok apart from the Oreo cheesecake. However I must say I felt awful today.
I felt sluggish, stressed and out of sorts.
I am also running a course next week so had ALOT to prepare today at the office. I was getting lectures about my gluten free pop tart type thing and some one gave me a chocolate bar to help. I just ate it- I was so stressed and anxious it was the easiest and most stupid thing to do!


However the good things are as follows:
1. Did well at most meals in the conference and it was nice to see that the hotel catered for different dietary needs.
2. I was recognised for my work 👍


3. Today I got almost organised for next week!
4. I feel out of sorts for eating foods I had only eliminated for a few days!! Says it all!

I am also away next week, but I know this hotel and it is great for all diets! So it’s up to me to choose wisely!

I’m looking for some easy dishes- I want to treat my boyfriend to a nice meal in the new way of life- gluten free! If any one has any tips I would be most grateful!