She called me fat!!

She called me fat!!

So this week I experienced road rage- from the passenger of a car that nearly hit me.

I live in a dead end street, we all use the dead end to turn around and there is a children’s play ground there. Everyone knows to slow down.

A young girl came bombing up the road as I was turning and didn’t see me. We both had our windows open and she apologised. ‘No worries’ I said, ‘take it easy’.

The older lady passenger started screaming at me. I assume she was the mother of the young driver. Also, I assume she was the mother of the children in the back seat.

‘Fu*k off you fat slag! Go f*ck yourself you fat bitch’.

It went on and on. The only thing I could say is ‘what’s wrong with you?’ And then I drove off. 

My first feeling was fright. I’ve never been screamed at like that. Considering what had happened I thought I was calm about the fact she nearly smashed up the car I’ve had for only two weeks.

My second feeling was anger. Not only for the insults but also for the example she was setting her family.

Is it ok to insult a person’s appearance? Is it ok to not admit mistakes? Is it ok to do this in front of your children? Is this how to lead by example?

No. No. No. No.

This is not ok.

I’m dealing with my weight and trying my best. I’ve lost nearly two stone and was so proud of myself. Well I was, until that moment.

I wanted to run away and grab some cake. I felt like no matter what I did, there would always be some one to tell me I wasn’t good enough.

I was too frightened to go back to the house and tell my boyfriend what had happened so I drove away and phoned him! He was furious!! He walked down to their house and took photos of their number plate while he waited for them to come out of the house. They didn’t.

I came home after a few hours. I had calmed down and now, after a few days reflection, I have decided that I don’t care what she thinks.

I have done well and I am proud of my weight loss. I’m an educated girl with a job I love that I like to think I’m good at. I have achieved lots of things in my life that I have had to go out and work for. 

That woman will not take my achievements away from me because she called me fat. 

I know nothing about her or her life.  All I know is that I feel sorry for her children, because I personally think that the example she is setting then does not set them up for a life in the community they currently live in, or the world they have yet to explore.

Stay kind.

Laura xx

ASOS try on

ASOS try on

Sooooo I have a big night out in a few weeks!

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I am looking for a party dress so went straight to asos!

For once it was not successful. Here’s my haul, from most hated to maybe!

 click on the headers to view items on asos.

Club L skater dress with Angel Sleeves
(I am trying on the size 22)

You can see by my face that I hate this dress. 

I’m sorry asos, but it feels so cheap!! The drop waist does nothing for a big girl like me. It makes my hips stick out in a big square and I look like a table.

I do however love the pattern.

Not for me.

Yumi plus belted dress with drop hem, in blossom print
(I am trying on a size 24)

I love this dress. I love it on the model. I hate it on me. 

The pattern is beautiful, and the quality is good.  However the front is a little shorter than I would be brave enough to wear. The cut of the waist seems to be pronounced and with the belt, bunches up and gives me more saddles bags than I actually own. 

I believe that I am now between sizes. You can see that the top half of the dress is sagging, but the size down was too small.

Yumi plus skater dress with lace inserts
This is the maybe.

(This is the size 24)

I like this and went for the 24, because it looked better once I had pulled in the tie back.

I like this one- again good quality and a nice fit. But again I am worried it is a little short!

I still do not feel that I have found my party dress though! The hunt continues!!

Show me your plus size party dresses!

Laura x

Still at it

Still at it

wow! What a busy weekend filled with friends, food and laughter!

I’ve been down to Swansea to see friends and family and have had a lovely time!

There was a new class at the gym- and seeing as I am on a fitness craze I thought why not!

This new class was called KONGA.  I didn’t know what to expect!

It was actually really good. The instructor was amazing and went through all the moves before each song. Over an hour we did cardio, legs, arms, stomachs and even a little yoga!

I’m going to hurt tomorrow but I am feeling so much better about myself. 

I’m even happier that my friends are doing it with me so we get to have fun!

However, I need a proper gym kit! I had some old leggings and they just kept falling down!

Happy sunny Sunday to you!!

Laura x 


Gym: day 3

Gym: day 3

I have been to gyms before. Maybe twice. I never go again because no one has ever told me what I should be doing.

My new gym is something else. I have been thinking about joining for about a year- I wish I had done it sooner now.

Who would have thought that I would be talking like this after three days?! Let me tell you about it.

It does not have a fancy pool or location. It does not have high tech equipment that cuts your hair as you jog. It is a gym.

The best thing for me are the people. A man called jon who works there has adopted me and my friends and has been giving us practically personal training sessions every time.

He doesn’t make us feel silly but does push us. We know that if he didn’t keep appearing and telling us what to do, we would be walking on the running machine!

I told him I wanted to be healthy, I wanted to carry less weight and I wouldn’t mind a little less bingo on the wings.

I’ve said it before, I’m  never going to be small. But I can be healthier, and that’s what I want.

If you are feeling like getting fit is something we could support each other with – please get in touch!

If you are feeling scared of the gym- just go for it.  Ask for help and tell them what you want to achieve.

I am so proud that I took that first step!

Love Laura x 

That is it.

That is it.

so I tried on my beautiful dress that I wanted to wear for the black tie dinner next week.

It fits me but I can’t breathe, sit down or fit my bra in it. Disappointed does not cover it. 

When I wore this dress I felt a million dollars and I’m gutted that I can’t wear it next week.

I’m also gutted that I now have to buy another dress. In a bigger size.

I had a little pity party about it and my good friends have persuaded me to join a gym!

We have found one local to us and will be joining after the holiday. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m looking forward to it!

Since taking this job on, I have spent a lot of time travelling and sitting on my own in unkown places, bored out of my mind, and my weight has crept up on me again.

I always lose weight when I exercise regularly and because I’ve been so busy with this job for over two years, I didn’t notice what I had been doing to myself. Sitting in a car for up to four hours a day, going to a meeting, sitting in a hotel room….

Although I try and eat well, i don’t move enough to burn off a carrot stick, let’s be honest.

I’m never going to be the skinniest girl amongst my friends, but I have never been unhealthy. I liked myself best when I was pleasantly plump and healthy. I felt confident and comfortable in myself. Now I feel uncomfortable and upset when my beautiful clothes don’t fit me. 

I would also like to point out that I do not want to lose weight to be a size zero- with my babylons that would be quite impossible. I want to be back in my old clothes, I want my curves back in the right places, and I want a little of the old Mcfabulous back. 

No matter how much I love my job, I have to love and respect myself more and it’s time to put me first again!

Look out for posts on how I get on in the next few weeks!

If you have any tips I would be most grateful!

Laura x