Earning girlfriend points

Earning girlfriend points

My beloved had been invited to what I would describe as an all day birthday party, involving lots of football and lots of alcohol. Stop the press – I was actually invited too.

Beloved goes to lots of things with the boys that I do not get invited too. Mainly rock concerts or rock festivals which aren’t my thing, however I still don’t like to be left out!

I really wanted to go so that his squad knew I exsisted, but there was one thing that was putting me off. The main event- the football.

I’m not one for sports, never have been and it’s not something I’m afraid to admit!

However, it was a Wales Vs Norther Ireland match so I though the atmosphere would be good so off I went!

I was under the impression that my beloved goes to dirty little bars where you have to wipe your feet on the way out.

Um nope. We went to this cool venue called the Tram Shed.  Well I never, he kept that quiet. This place is a five minute walk from Cardiff central train station and easy to find! It shares its spot with the Waiting Room a smart cafe and bar. They even have a cute garden area to enjoy the sunshine! What more could I girl want? 

So to the football. We sat on the balcony over looking a huge room with a huge screen.

The drinks were flowing and my favourite was well stocked, that beauty that is Absolut Mandarin. Bliss.

The football was, well, Ummmm, over 90 minutes long. Like I said, I’m honest, it’s not for me.

However the atmosphere was immense. It’s the only thing I ‘get’ at sports events. The passion and belief in a person’s chosen team.

I mean look at this lot! It was awesome!

The other thing about watching a sports event in Wales is the singing. Hearing the Welsh Nationa Athem sung by the crowd is spine tingling, put it on your bucket list.

All in all, I had a much better day than expected! The people were nice (we are now Facebook pals obvs) the venue was fab, and the weather was kind.

My beloved is impressed I didn’t manage to fall asleep during the match,  and I even got breakfast in bed this morning. Winning.

So, here’s my advice. Just because you are a couple does not mean you have to live in each other’s pockets and like all the same things. Good for you if you do though! However, it is important to show a little interest, put yourself out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

Or basically as I said to myself, put your face on and suck it up!

Have a great weekend

Laura x

Work night out #ootd #motd

Work night out #ootd #motd

So, as always, I’ve been away all week working! It’s been a crazy few weeks and I was looking forward to curling up in front of the TV on Friday night. 

However, I had forgotten that there was a works ‘doooooo’ on Friday night, and was slightly panicked when I got to the office on Friday morning! 

Normally I need about a week to prep! Hair, nails, skin, tan, outfit…. 

I literally had time to get home, shower, make up, dress and out the door! 

I also realised that I need to get a grip on myself- I have plenty of clothes to wear, lots of make up to slap on and one day hair styles better then fresh- I can do this!



  • Eye shadow- l’oreal/urban decay/Bobbi brown
  • Eye liner- collection 2000 liquid
  • Mascara- double wear Esteè Lauder
  • Lashes- allure
  • Eyeshadow primer- two faced.
  • Foundation- always double wear Esteè Lauder
  • Bronze and high lighter- No.7
  • Lips- avon matte- mauve matters

 I was quite pleased I managed to get that much make up on in such a small amount of time!!

Again, I wore the Yumi plus dress from ASOS curve.

I’m afraid I only had time for a classy toilet shot!

The bag is £6 from Matalan- current stock.

The shoes are clarks – but I got them from the Ty Hafan charity shop in Caerphilly for £6 brand new! 

We went to tiger tiger in Cardiff which I wasn’t looking forward to as we had a disappointing Christmas party there last year. However, I must say we had a brilliant night this time round! 

What’s your go to look when time is limited?

Have a great weekend

Laura xx


Treat day

Treat day

I’ve been quiet for a while because I have been having a hard time.

I’m lucky because I have some very wonderful friends who look out for me and make sure they cheer me up 💗

I’m extremely grateful.

One of my oldest friends who I call ‘my number one’ treated me to a day of shopping, laughs and cake. What more does a girl need?

Just elfin’ around….

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Shopping wouldn’t be the same without a selfie with the merchandise.

One word: delicious. This is what afternoon tea looks like in the Great House Hotel in Bridgend. I can assure you that it tastes even better than it looks. The service was amazing and we sat for hours chatting away sipping tea, without being hurried to leave. Perfecto.

It doesn’t matter how hard life is, friends are the icing on your pretty cakes. 

Laura xx

Match day

Match day

In Cardiff ‘match day’ is huge.

Match day is when there is a rugby or football game at one of our city centre stadiums.

I am lucky enough to get tickets for rugby matches with my beloved now and again, even though I may not understand all that happens!

For me, the best matches are rugby matches in the millennium stadium, the jewel in Cardiff’s crown.

Here is how I get ready:

Getting my daff on!

The best part of the day is the atmosphere. There is something about Cardiff on match day. Roads are closed off and there are thousands of people in their team colours, faces painted and flags around their necks!

The magical moment is being in the millennium stadium hearing the welsh national anthem being sung by the crowd- spell binding.

I am no expert, and I may be focussing on the wrong things, but there is no denying that ‘match day’ is fantastic!

Laura x

Simple things

Simple things

Today has been so much better for a number of reasons:

  • My meeting went well- result
  • My drive home was four hours long, but no traffic
  • The sun is shining
  • I got home in time to enjoy a walk with my beautiful girl

I spend so much time away, it falls on my beloved to take care of the dog in the week.

Our dog is from the dogs trust, she is eleven years old and we have had her for three years.

Her life was not very nice before the dogs trust took her, however she is a lovely natured girl and we love her to bits!

We have a mountain, literally at the end of our road and at this time of year it is stunning.


I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy this fabulous place every day!

I hope to have many more summer evenings exploring my surroundings with my best friend!

Happy sunny Wednesday!


Simple things..

Simple things..

As you guys know, I spend ALOT of time away from home for my job.

It sounds glamorous, but it isn’t.  It is lonely and some times depressing. Especially when you drive hours and Rock up to your accommodation and would rather sleep in the car!

I believe it is also why I regained a lot of my weight, as I am sat in the car for hours each day, but i am working on that.

Any how with a life like this, little things become so important.  For example my own bed, my own bathroom, and my own kettle!!

The best thing though is walking my beautiful dog.  With the natural beauty of the rolling welsh hill side all around me, it is a privilege to take a walk, relax a little and feel grateful. Today I got to do that before I hopped in the car for a five hour drive.


A simple walk with my girl has made a good start to the week! It is only two sleeps away from home this week and I can’t wait to get back out there with her!

Happy Monday 

Laura x