Make up wins!!

Make up wins!!

I finally managed to create a look I loved this weekend!

After years of trying and watching multiple you tube videos – I made this.

What’s on my face:

  • L’oreal eyeshadow in golden beige
  • Urban decay naked palette 3
  • Collection 2000 waterproof liquid liner
  •  Estée Lauder double wear mascara
  • Allure lashes
  • No. 7 highlighter
  • Avon brow defined in soft black
  • Estée Lauder double wear foundation in fresco
  • No.7 bronzer
  • Avon matte lipstick in mauve matters
  • Eye shadow primer- urban decay

It lasted from 10am through too 8pm – watching the rugby in Wales takes that long lol!

I also wore my latest bargain find- this little savoir number. Ebay- £8.

What do you guys think?

Any tips on contouring?

Never too old to learn xx

My Make up must haves

My Make up must haves

A few of you have asked what make up I use, so I thought I would list my ‘day face’ in the order that I would use it!

I love make up, like way too much.  I am also a creature of habit and stick to a solid group of old reliables, while throwing in a few new bits here are there.

I start with:

A face wipe, usually a Nivea sensitive skin one, followed by a face cream, again usually Nivea. I bloody love Nivea products, and have done since I was small. I have sensitive skin and Nivea products are about the only thing I have found that do not bring me out in a rash. If ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I then use a primer- this month it’s Benefit’s porefessional.  I love this product, it’s easy to use and fees great on. I also like the Smashbox primer.
Next my most wonderful friend- Esteè Lauder double wear foundation in Fresco. We have been best friends for the last 17 years, I trust this product with my life.  

Let’s talk eyes: 

Next I use the urban decay eye shadow primer- love this little guy. Followed by whatever takes my fancy from my current palette. I have been using the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 since Christmas and am still finding new combinations of colour! Then I line. I have been using liquid eye liner since I was 18! My go to brand is the inexpensive Collection 2000- I prefer the waterproof one.  I have used every eye liner under the sun and unless you rub this one really hard, it doesn’t move.
Let’s finish the eyes:  I use two masacaras because my bottom lashes tend to smudge- it’s probably down to my contact lenses.

On my top lashes I use YSL Luxurious mascara for a False lash effect, apparently! I do love this mascara, a couple of coats and I could bat wasps away with these bad boys.

For my bottom lashes, my all time fave mascara- Esteè Lauder double wear masacara. I can’t recommend this mascara enough- doesn’t move, doesn’t smudge and in my opinion worth the money!

 The cheek:I’m into bronzer right now- this one has lasted me months! I like it but I am not sure if I love it. What would you recommend?

The finishing touches:

A bit of Benefit’s watts up on my brow bones, on the edges of my cheeks, and a little on my Cupid’s bow. Then some powder to keep this lots in place! I’m currently using a Collection 2000 one, and I have to say it does a great job for the price!

It seems like a lot, but I can whack this lot on in about fifteen minutes.  My beloved thinks it’s a lot of time however I see it as an investment in myself! I feel pretty, confident and ready for the day!
What are your make up essentials?

Laura x


To me, from me, thanks me…

To me, from me, thanks me…

Every now and again I treat myself. I work over and above for my little bit of pocket money so when the time comes to splash that cash, I know exactly what I want! That’s right- essentials!

I have spent from the age of 16 trying all sorts of different miracle potions and lotions. So now I have some firm faveorites I can not live without.

Here’s a little history- at 16 years old I landed my first job in Debenhams on the ground floor, right next to the beauty counters. Some of the ladies on those counters were obviously orange and way over the top, others were stunning and I wanted to know all their secrets!

So, the YSL Touchè Éclat – love it, need it, would advise to get it. For me it’s a miracle worker and well worth the money.

The Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion is a trial size product, costs about £9 and lasts me months. Bloody brilliant value! This makes my eye shadow last and look the colour it’s supposed to be! 

Urban Decay is relatively new to my make up bag in the past year or so and I can’t get enough of it! I have a little wish list of products I would like, should my beloved ever be stuck for a gift 😜

Any how, now my make up bag was fully stocked up- here’s the finished look.  

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend 

Laura x