I’m back… with a new frock! 

I’m back… with a new frock! 

It’s been a little while, well a long while and soon I can explain where been, but we shall save that for another day! 

Any way I simply must show you this Dress I purchased from a company via their face book page Curv’i’licious

Isn’t it fabulous?!

I paid approximately £30 with postage and could have returned it if it it was unsuitable.  I chatted to the owner and she was super helpful even with all my questions! I have a particular material I avoid, I hate pleats at the waist, and the list goes on! 

This cold shoulder dress has a beautiful bright pattern which I adore! I am wearing a size 22 and felt extremely comfortable!

I’ve teemed it with bright pink strappy sandals from New Look which were £11 in the sale and are available Here.

I also managed to find a handbag in the exact same colour at a charity shop for £3.

As you can tell, I’ve also had a tan! Well a spray tan! I had an express tan at La Mia Bella at a bargain cost of £12 and if your local to Rhonda Cynon Taff you can visit the salon Here.

Overall I felt great about my outfit and had a fabulous night out! I won’t lie- my feet are still crying from those shoes so maybe a little gel pad would help out next time! 

Check out my Instagram for some cheeky snaps of my night out! @lauramcfabulous

Lots of love


Treat day

Treat day

I’ve been quiet for a while because I have been having a hard time.

I’m lucky because I have some very wonderful friends who look out for me and make sure they cheer me up 💗

I’m extremely grateful.

One of my oldest friends who I call ‘my number one’ treated me to a day of shopping, laughs and cake. What more does a girl need?

Just elfin’ around….

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Shopping wouldn’t be the same without a selfie with the merchandise.

One word: delicious. This is what afternoon tea looks like in the Great House Hotel in Bridgend. I can assure you that it tastes even better than it looks. The service was amazing and we sat for hours chatting away sipping tea, without being hurried to leave. Perfecto.

It doesn’t matter how hard life is, friends are the icing on your pretty cakes. 

Laura xx

There is nowt more supportive than a bra, or the people that provide the bra.

There is nowt more supportive than a bra, or the people that provide the bra.

apologies in advance. I’m going to talk about bras.

I have a big bust and I appreciate and need a decent bra. When I find some where that not only sells something that fits me, but also has something I can afford to buy- I’m a hard core loyal customer.

I have a number of regular places I buy bras from. I very rarely buy just one bra, I stock pile.

So yesterday I purposely went into Cardiff with one thing on my mind- bras.

First stop- Boux Avenue. Here I normally buy three bras at a time. I searched the displays and couldn’t find my size- 40g. Oh. 

I asked the assistant, and was told that they were phasing ‘that size’ out. 


When I asked why she just shrugged and suggested i could try online. I didn’t drag myself into Cardiff City centre to shop on line sweetie!

I felt humiliated! She could see by my face and her words of comfort were: i know it must be awkward for you.

Awkward? Let me tell you what it’s like for me:

I spend my entire life searching for bras to ensure that I’m supported, comfortable and make the most of what I have been given.

In a non sexual way, I stare at the chests of other ladies in awe. I look at their little boobies with jealousy and wonder what it must be like to walk into Primark and buy a bra for £4. 

I also spend a lot of my time feeling conscious of my appearance, figuring out how I can best cover up my chest. How would you feel? Awkward doesn’t cover it.

I almost cried coming out of Boux Avenue. Then I decided that actually, stuff it. I’m going to my bra home. I’m going to Bravissimo.

Although expensive, it is quality. It is also friendly and welcoming. I was not made to feel embarrassed about my body. Actually, I am made to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am made to feel that I too deserve a bra in a pretty pattern or a nice bright colour.

So two bras later, wrapped up in pretty paper, I’m happy.

Bravissimo i salute and thank you. Once again, you made it ok to be me rather than awkward. 💗

Stay supported.


Sold my soul on eBay…

Sold my soul on eBay…

As some of you may be aware, I had a little spring clean last week and sadly listed a few items on eBay.

I say sadly, because I hate parting with things but, it was time!

However, with all the pennies that I made, I went straight on line and treated myself to a few things!

Be rude not too really – especially as I now have the space!

On their way are:



Among others!

I have also treated myself to a new bra from good old bravissimo! I love the bras from here, but even though I hand wash and air dry them- they only last a matter of months before the wire comes out and stabs me- not cool. If any one can tell me what I am doing wrong please tell me!  

I tend to have a clear out about twice a year- and every time I treat myself to some new things! Why not?!

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the rest of sunday….

Laura xxx

Waiting for pay day…

Waiting for pay day…

It has been so busy AND expensive this month! I literally can’t wait until pay day!

I have spent all my pocket money on socialising so am now planning how to spend my next pay check!

Here are some things that I NEED!


This pretty dress from Evans! I am practically always in a dress and this blue number with the beautiful pattern is right up my street! And it’s in the sale!   

THESE SHOES. I don’t need a reason. They just need to be mine! Gorgeous!


This because I need a statement necklace- perfect!

I also need some new make up! I have been on the look out for a champagne coloured eye shadow….


I love wearing black liquid eye liner over a neutral colour and I think this just might be the one!

What do you have your eye on this month?

Laura x 


ASOS Curve: My new obsession

ASOS Curve: My new obsession

Yes. That is right my new obsession!

I am the latest person ever to the ASOS party.  I didn’t trust that it would fit me.  I also could not imagine buying something, without being able to try it on and view it from all angles.  I also didn’t think that returning things would be simple.



I have had some real bargains! I am constantly checking the app for more things to buy!

This is not the greatest picture but, here I am in my Alice & You v-neck floral print midi skater dress.

I bought this at full price, but it’s currently £22.  I have so many compliments when I wear this! I am really conscious of my lumpy back, but I find this dress gives me the confidence to wear it on its own. Without my Uniform cardigan cover up! The sleeves also help!

Roll on pay day for I will be purchasing:

What have you bought from ASOS? what are your top tips for bagging a bargain?

Happy shopping!