Make up wins!!

Make up wins!!

I finally managed to create a look I loved this weekend!

After years of trying and watching multiple you tube videos – I made this.

What’s on my face:

  • L’oreal eyeshadow in golden beige
  • Urban decay naked palette 3
  • Collection 2000 waterproof liquid liner
  •  Estée Lauder double wear mascara
  • Allure lashes
  • No. 7 highlighter
  • Avon brow defined in soft black
  • Estée Lauder double wear foundation in fresco
  • No.7 bronzer
  • Avon matte lipstick in mauve matters
  • Eye shadow primer- urban decay

It lasted from 10am through too 8pm – watching the rugby in Wales takes that long lol!

I also wore my latest bargain find- this little savoir number. Ebay- £8.

What do you guys think?

Any tips on contouring?

Never too old to learn xx

It’s all about that base.

It’s all about that base.

i have been struggling with my skin recently. I think it is changing because I’m getting older, and older…..

I have been looking into changing my make up, but I want to do it a certain way.

I am a counter girl. I like to go to a make up counter, try a foundation for a few hours and then come back to buy it. A counter foundation in the UK Is a minimum of £25. I am fed up of being pushed into buying one that does not last the day. Once you have opened it most counters refuse to exchange because you didn’t like it, even if they say they will at the time of purchase!!

As you all know, I am a huge Estée Lauder fan, and have been loyal to this brand since I was sixteen years old.

I have been finding the double wear foundation to heavy recently and I want too try something different.

However, my nearest Estée Lauder counter is in Merthyr, and I normally go on a Sunday. The lady who works on a Sunday is not very pleasant and will not let me try products because it is normally too close to her break! I actually think it is because she believes I can not afford it! 

I see make up products as an investment. Not only are they expensive, but they will be with you for at least three months. I want to make sure that these are products that I want to invest in, that I will actually use and will make me feel good about myself.

Last week I went to Cardiff and visited the Estée Lauder counter in Debenhams. The lady was so helpful! I told her my worries and she suggested the double wear light, and even let me try some. As I wasn’t sure about it she gave me a generous sample to take home!

We also talked about primer. I wanted to know the best primer for my beloved double wear foundation, and she suggested a Matte one.

I also stocked up on my double wear mascara, because it stays on my lashes all day long, rather then working its way down to my cheeks at lunch time!

This is what it all looks like on when just applied…

 I’m so happy with it! 

I spent £70 on three items, which I feel is a lot of money. I appreciated the lady helping me and matching products to my concerns- and even happier with the fact that my ‘game face’ lasted all day long.

What make up products do you invest in?

Stay fabulous.

Laura x