I’m back… with a new frock! 

I’m back… with a new frock! 

It’s been a little while, well a long while and soon I can explain where been, but we shall save that for another day! 

Any way I simply must show you this Dress I purchased from a company via their face book page Curv’i’licious

Isn’t it fabulous?!

I paid approximately £30 with postage and could have returned it if it it was unsuitable.  I chatted to the owner and she was super helpful even with all my questions! I have a particular material I avoid, I hate pleats at the waist, and the list goes on! 

This cold shoulder dress has a beautiful bright pattern which I adore! I am wearing a size 22 and felt extremely comfortable!

I’ve teemed it with bright pink strappy sandals from New Look which were £11 in the sale and are available Here.

I also managed to find a handbag in the exact same colour at a charity shop for £3.

As you can tell, I’ve also had a tan! Well a spray tan! I had an express tan at La Mia Bella at a bargain cost of £12 and if your local to Rhonda Cynon Taff you can visit the salon Here.

Overall I felt great about my outfit and had a fabulous night out! I won’t lie- my feet are still crying from those shoes so maybe a little gel pad would help out next time! 

Check out my Instagram for some cheeky snaps of my night out! @lauramcfabulous

Lots of love


ASOS try on

ASOS try on

Sooooo I have a big night out in a few weeks!

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I am looking for a party dress so went straight to asos!

For once it was not successful. Here’s my haul, from most hated to maybe!

 click on the headers to view items on asos.

Club L skater dress with Angel Sleeves
(I am trying on the size 22)

You can see by my face that I hate this dress. 

I’m sorry asos, but it feels so cheap!! The drop waist does nothing for a big girl like me. It makes my hips stick out in a big square and I look like a table.

I do however love the pattern.

Not for me.

Yumi plus belted dress with drop hem, in blossom print
(I am trying on a size 24)

I love this dress. I love it on the model. I hate it on me. 

The pattern is beautiful, and the quality is good.  However the front is a little shorter than I would be brave enough to wear. The cut of the waist seems to be pronounced and with the belt, bunches up and gives me more saddles bags than I actually own. 

I believe that I am now between sizes. You can see that the top half of the dress is sagging, but the size down was too small.

Yumi plus skater dress with lace inserts
This is the maybe.

(This is the size 24)

I like this and went for the 24, because it looked better once I had pulled in the tie back.

I like this one- again good quality and a nice fit. But again I am worried it is a little short!

I still do not feel that I have found my party dress though! The hunt continues!!

Show me your plus size party dresses!

Laura x

#curvycon2016 – rehearsal 2

#curvycon2016 – rehearsal 2

Oh my gosh I am so ashamed of myself! Blogging seems to have taken a back seat due to work commitments and everything else! 

However, it’s something I really really enjoy so am committing myself to two blogs a week from now on!

This week, I went back to London for the second rehearsal for the curvy convention. I felt so much more confident this time around.

I have been practising at home and it made a difference!

Photo credit: Mark Singh 

The other thing that made a massive difference was that our group had gelled. It was great to see the girls and we spent the day empowering and supporting each other. Oh and of course having fun!

It was so hot outside and even hotter inside! Hence the hair scraped back!

We just want to do a great job on the day! 

One more rehearsal to go and then it’s the main event!

Get your tickets Here

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Laura x

Curvy convention- more than just an audition

Curvy convention- more than just an audition

After loosing my beloved grandfather a few weeks ago, it made me think about my life a little more.

I go to work and I work really really hard, and then I come home. I don’t go out that much and I don’t have any real hobbies.

Is that living? Maybe. I want to be like my grandad. At the grand old age of 93, he was able to look back on his life and his achievements. An intelligent, well read and well travelled man. Life was always an adventure to him and I want the same for me!

The first thing I did was to stop being scared and put myself way out of my comfort zone. I went to London and auditioned to be a model for the curvy convention, a plus sized fashion convention in the UK.

I was terrified!!!!

I needed some support so turned to a plus sized group on Facebook that I have been a member of for over a year.

I got in touch with some of the lovely ladies who were going and a few of us decided to meet up- saftey in numbers and all that!

I met the wonderful Sarah and Natasha. They met me at the tube station and we stayed as a little group all day long. It was lovely to be made to feel so welcome in the big smoke!

There were over 200 beautiful ladies in the line to audition. Some were professionals with amazing portfolios, which was a little intimidating. However we decided that they all had to start some where, just like us!

We met the current UK Miss Beauty Curve, Emily Blake who was not only gorgeous but one of the nicest ladies you could meet!

The actual audition didn’t last long at all! A photo and a mini walk up and down a room and you were done! I don’t feel like I did very well but for a valleys girl it was a big step! 

After it was done, we decided to use Leicester Square as our own personal cat walk! We were so pleased that we had over come our nerves and our fears and done it that we were hyped up!  

Look at us! Three girls who had never met before having the best few hours and making new friendships! It was brilliant and hilarious! 

We find out in a few weeks if we were successful. I hope that we are!

But if I am not than at least I can tick it off my bucket list! 

Be bold, brave and challenge yourself. What have you got to lose?

Laura X

Feeling good.

Feeling good.

Last year, at the office party- I felt awful.

I hadn’t made an effort with my outfit and the venue was packed with glamorous women. It’s normal to feel a little out of sorts in these situations!

So this year I decided that I was going to make a huge effort.

Following blogs such as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and the Not so Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess, I had developed an obsession with Lady V London.

A company that produces the most beautiful vintage dresses in a variety of sizes, with lots of different styles.

I spend my whole life taking screen shots of stuff I want. These dresses though….. 😍

What I was looking for was a dress that gave me shape, had sleeves and a reasonable neck line…. Picky?

It took weeks but I decided on a frock and wanted the works so got the petticoat as well!!

Isn’t it beautiful? 

This photo was taken just after I ripped open the parcel and tried it on. I could not wait! Don’t worry I didn’t wear those shoes…

At the actual party I felt like a complete princess. Strangers approached me with compliments, girls harassed me in toilets and I have never had to do so many twirls in my life! It was fabulous! However there were only two photos taken!

 What do you guys think?

I can honestly tell you that the dress was extremely comfortable. I used the size guide on the website- and the fit was perfect. Surely glamourous shouldn’t be this easy!? 

Under the dress I am wearing a maiden form body, but the wide belt really does give you a waist.

Show me your party dresses!

Stay fab

Laura X 

#OOTD winter is coming

#OOTD winter is coming

Hey guys 

It has been a while – and I apologise. I will explain in another post.

But I just wanted to say how bloody cold it was in Wales this morning!!

I felt like winter was actually here!

Here is what I wore – office casual!

Top- indigo by M&S

Leggings- Rogers + Rogers

Boots- clarkes 

I get so comfortable- I forgot how much I loved leggings!! 

I need to start thinking about my winter wardrobe! If you are on Pinterest please feel free to add to my ‘winter fashion’ board! @lauzmac

Stay warm

Laura xx