As you guys know, I’ve been having a hard time lately.  So when I entered a blog competition on Naomi’s blog I was shocked and excited to have won! 

My prize was a style session at the River Island style studio at the Birmingham Bullring to try out the new River Island plus size range. Oh, and of course a voucher!

So I set off from the valleys yesterday morning, and headed to my appointment.

River Island is on the third floor of the main mall, and you can not miss it!

The store itself is beautifully laid out, light and airy and easy to move around.

The plus size range was a little harder to spot and was smaller than I expected. However, there is a relaunch in a few weeks time which will include more lines and wide fit shoes!

So the style studio:

The first person I met was Jessica, a personal style assistant. I felt immediately at ease, especially when the prosecco was opened!

Jessica also runs her own blog, My Secret Boutique and contributes to various newspapers and magazines. Check out her Instagram Here and you will see some super styling!

So what did I get?!

I had to get this dress. It’s easy to wear and I think I will wear it in the summer with these shoes, and the winter with tights and boots.

This dress costs £40 and you can shop It here.

This little number is so light I didn’t expect it to look so damn good!

The belt gives me that waist I’ve wanted for years and the cross over is super flattering.

I will be wearing this dress with heels and flats as it’s just so versatile! 

This dress is £40, shop it Here

Ok this little lot! What can I say? Naomi had me in clothes I had never worn or had not worn in years! It truly is an experience having some one else choose clothes for you! I would never have put this together but I loved it! 

Shop them here:

RI Plus Bardot cream top £25
RI Plus wet look leggings £22
RI Plus black bomber jacket £45
Overall, I am definitely going to treat myself to a style session again. I can honestly say that I felt comfortable and at ease and had a really good time!

A big thank you to Naomi for the experience and all the giggles! Check her out in her RI gear, the skirt is part of the new online range! 

Thank you Naomi and River Island for a fabulous day out.

Laura xx

Hard times 

Hard times 

Doesn’t it seem some times that your work life takes over the rest of your life? 

Work has been hard lately and it has taken it out of me a little.

I have been spending lots of time taking care, or trying too, of other people and not really looking out for myself.

Something clicked with me today and I realised how much I had been missing the things I enjoy doing. Like blogging and interacting with other bloggers for example.

I spent some time with friends and family this weekend, and after a lovely walk at barrybados, my head became a little clearer.

We don’t have children, so this little lady is the centre of my universe. I realised how much I love to see her enjoy herself, and how much I’d missed her the last few weeks. I’ve been with her in body but my spirit has been elsewhere. 

I’ve started reorganising my life, de cluttering the house, and getting back to my organised self! 

Life is short and I have so many things to look forward too so time to work hard and achieve my goals!

Next week I have a River Island style session which I won through a lovely blog written by the gorgeous Naomi. Here’s the link: http://www.diamondsnpearls.co.uk/category/life/

So much to look forward too! Back in the game!! 

Stay focussed

Laura xx

 Pinterest – every builders nightmare

 Pinterest – every builders nightmare

Seeing as this blog is about changing my life, I thought I would tell you about some recent work I had in my house!

I bought my house as a bit of an unloved building and made it my project.  There is a lot more too it, but that’s for another day.

Here is what the lounge looked like when I moved in:


On a budget, here is what I did:

I felt It looked nice and clean, although I still wasn’t happy.  I hated that wall, and as for the fire place- don’t even get me started.

Fast forward four years, and the discovery of Pinterest.

I found this on the interest that is pin!

I wanted some thing similar so I got my builder in and showed him the picture.  He was confident that he could do it as long as I sourced the  Fire surround and we both agreed that the wall was horrible!

The work began.

It went on and on and on. We thought that behind the horrible bricks, it was hollow.  I should be so lucky! It was solid rubble filled with cement! What an earth went through their minds when they did that, I will never know. It took weeks. It cost more and my car was filthy after 20 trip to the rubbish tip.

However now:

 I love it!

I bought my fire surround from eBay for £15, and sanded it then painted it and ta daaaaa!!! 

My room is now 36 inches bigger in the middle and 7-8 inches bigger every where else!

I am now saving to have cupboards built in the alcoves – again thank you Pinterest!

I’m very happy with this, what do you think?

My beloved it shaking in fear as my next project is the kitchen……

Have a great day

Laura x