´╗┐Feeling loved ­čĺŚ

´╗┐Feeling loved ­čĺŚ

During the last few weeks, I have been really unwell with the campylobacter virus.  If you have had it, you know how miserable it can be!

It started at work which was awful, and a few hours later I was being sick in a bush while walking my dog.  Another classy moment for me.

My boyfriend was away, rocking at download festival, so I felt really sorry for myself!

My best friend turned up with medication, food, drinks and even took my dog out for me. She’s a legend! One day, she was with me for hours even though she had ‘just popped in’.  Turns out she stayed because I was so pale she was worried about me. 

Love this woman!

My work buddies have also been checking in with me daily, sending me jokes, gossip and generally cheering me up!

Other friends have gone to great lengths to find dairy free biscuits (people with the virus are advised to avoid dairy) as well as delivering lots of lovely magazines!

I’ve never really been poorly so it raised my spirits knowing how many people care about me, and I’m extremely thankful.

I’m still on the mend (and really pale!) but would like to go back to work tomorrow to see how I feel! 

Look after your loved ones
Laura xx

My birthday surprise

My birthday surprise

It was my birthday this week and I was 28- again, obvs.

Any how, after a not so good start to 2016 and mostly drama after that my beloved had arranged a surprise for me.

I have been so poorly the last few weeks with the dreaded man flu that I hadn’t really thought about my birthday. 

So the day started with me waking up sneezing and coughing, which has been pretty standard with this virus.  I was presented with a big box of presents by my beloved which was nice. However when I started opening them, I was to be honest confused and disappointed. Turns out he had bought me a ‘mystery box’ from groupon. Apparently some of them have iPads in…. This one didn’t.

Before you decide that I am ungrateful, I would like to point out that the items in the mystery box were items that we already own. I simply hate wasting money.

I went to the hair dressers in a bit of a grump. A few years ago he pulled the groupon number on my birthday, it was even worse then the mystery box. The boy just loves a bargain.

There was still hope though, as he was still taking me out for lunch. I went home with my new hair and we had a cup of tea.

He told me that the mystery box was a joke (thank god) and my real present was…..


I couldn’t believe it! He’s not very romantic and this was such a huge shock!

He’d even arranged pet care for our fur babies!! 

So off we went to the very beautiful hotel, and had the best massage in ages. I felt like Mr Soft!!

I can not explain easily how delicious, luxurious and throughly enjoyable my birthday was. So I will let the pictures do the talking for me.

Next was afternoon tea. It was simply delicious…

Next the room….


  The boy had gone all out! I couldn’t believe it! 

St Davids also sent up a little message… 

In the evening we went into the bay for dinner, where once again my beloved had a surprise for me.

He had asked some of my friends from Swansea to come and meet us! We all work full time and have such busy lives that it can be difficult to get everyone together, so it was so wonderful to see them!

There was one more surprise..

THE CAKE!! We do not have children but we do have fur babies and we adore them! My beloved decided that they needed to part of the celebrations too!

It was such a wonderful day, I’m stil in shock that he managed to pull it all off without me finding out! 

I loved every second of it and didn’t want to leave the hotel!

I mean, look….

I was dreading turning 34. I am some times led to believe that I have failed at life because I am not a millionaire, married or a mother. But these are other people’s beliefs, not my failings.

I have so so SO much to be grateful for in my life – my beloved and my absolutely amazing friends mean so much to me.

Take some you time and enjoy life.

Laura xx

Dear eyebrows…

Dear eyebrows…

Dear eyebrows.

I know we haven’t always got along but I think after almost 34 years, we are finally nearly friends.

I would like to apologise to you eyebrows, for the whole of the 90’s. During that time I tortured you. I plucked you into the thinnest straightest lines I could. I remember looking proudly into the mirror at my one hair width eyebrows. I’m so sorry eyebrows.

During the early part of the 00’s I kind of wished you were not there. I neglected you eyebrows and I’m sorry. You were big, bushy and desperate for attention. 

Over the last few years, I could see your astonishment at the variety of the other eye brows around you. I remember you recoiling in horror when you saw your very first very first scouse brow. 

I have spent the last three years begging for your love and friendship again eyebrows. I’ve done everything I can for you. I have religiously attended waxing appointments, tried threading, and avoided tweezing as much as i can.

I’ve also taken time to learn about eyebrow care and maintenance. I’ve learnt to nourish and take care of you. To colour and to shape you. To learn to love you again, my dear eyebrows.

So, please eyebrows, let’s make 2016 our year. Let’s live in harmony and love one another.



It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

hey everyone!


I’m sorry it’s been a while. Beloved and I have been going through a rough patch so I have been really miserable. I couldn’t blog because I was boring myself with my pity party and didn’t want to subject you to it.

It was pretty bad. Beloved moved out for a week. However he is back and we are making much more time for each other! 

I thought I could live with out him, but I can’t. It was horrible. 

In other news. The diet was blown and I was really upset by some of the recent photos of me including this one.

I show you because then I am accountable.

I feel sorry for that chair, I really do.

However, I’m back and I have lots of plans and things to show you!

If you have any diet and exercise tips to get me back on the wagon please send them over.

I’m also looking forward to catching up on all your news.

Love you.

Laura xx

Beloved and the dog house

Beloved and the dog house

My beloved is in the dog house because he ‘spoke to me like shit.’

Excuse the French!

I think when you live together little things wind you up and then you explode! Take for example this his and hers morning routine that I live  through every day!!!

  • 6:30am ME: get up. Shower and clean shower. Hang up towels nicely. Replace toothbrush  in pot after use. Go downstairs, sort out pets, put away dry dishes, wash beloved’s dishes that he used after I went to bed. Finally eat breakfast.
  • 7am. Beloved:  get up- don’t make the bed because I will be getting back into it later any how. Scratch bum. Fart. Use shower and test out girly shampoo because it smells of strawberries. Get out shower, slosh water every where. Clean teeth, leave tooth brush dripping mouth juice all over the glass shelf- I like the way it dries in big white patterns. Shave and leave as much foam around the sink and on the mirror as possible.  Throw towels on the floor, leave pants next to the washing basket on the floor. Get dressed- just pull shirts until they come off the hanger as its too much effort to take the hanger out of the wardrobe and then remove the shirt. Go downstairs, wind the dog up, put shoes on and leave the house.

  • 7:30am ME: finish putting my face on and go upstairs to face the aftermath of beloved’s morning routine. Go into ensuite and turn off the taps that have been left running. (I kid you not, every bloody day.) Pick up towels and hang nicely on rail. Put toothbrush back in pot and wipe up mouth juice. Pick up man pants and put in the basket. Flush the man poo away that has been left as a nice surprise for me. (I would much rather some Tiffany please, ta.) De foam sink and mirror, make bed and open up the window to let the man fart out.

It is no wonder that by yesterday morning I flipped my lid because he answered me back like a toddler!

Any way he seems to have got the message loud and clear that the above, is not acceptable.

Last night I had a lovely dinner cooked for me. Today I had a packed lunch made for me and also my dinner. He is currently making my dinners for the next few days as he is going away.

As much as arguing is draining and emotional, it is worth it for the above results!!

Stay strong.

Laura xx

My new bestie 

My new bestie 

this is Bert.

He is sitting on my hotel window sill squawking. He has been doing that for hours.

It was annoying me until I saw his mum feeding his (much bigger) brothers, and pushing him away!

I have named him Bert, and I will be sorry to say goodbye to him tomorrow!

I doubt the poor little fellow will make it, but I wil be sharing my porridge with him tomorrow ­čÖé 

Stay kind

Laura x