Ladies That Tea

Ladies That Tea

Have you ever been invited to something by one of your best friends that makes you feel truly blessed? Well that’s what happened to me this week!

My friend whom I fondly call ‘Rooms’ invited myself and three others to London for the day to have afternoon tea at nine other than Claridge’s. Yes that’s right, Claridge’s.

Rooms and I met back in 2006 via a previous job. We became friends and would always be roomies on trips away, she put up with my snoring and introduced me to good food, good times and good friends!

It was so lovely to be invited and I of course agreed straight away!

So five of us got on a train armed with Buck’s Fizz and pastries!

Once we got there, we decided to get some lunch as afternoon tea wasn’t until after five. We decided on the absolutely stunning NOPI.

We ordered lots of sharing dishes and a few main courses and we got to try so many lovely things! I’m still trying to introduce more fish to my diet so we tried the hake and the sea bass. When food is cooked with love and care like this, you can’t help but love it!

Oh and the toilets are fabulous!

After lunch we went and looked around some famous shops such as Fortnum & Masons and Liberty of London. If I had lots of money, I could certainly get used to shopping like this!

But soon it was time for tea!

Off to Claridge’s we go!

What an absolute delight! We were sat by these beautiful Art Deco doors and couldn’t resist a photo!

The team were so helpful and caring towards us, we felt completely relaxed!

They checked our dietary needs and tea and sandwiches soon appeared!

Delicious!! I had my own little plate of sandwiches because I’m a little picky! I had ham, egg, chicken, cream cheese and cheese and chutney- wow. I’m not normally a huge fan of cheese but I throughly enjoyed these beauties!

Next it was time for a firm favourite: the scones:

Instead of jam they had a fruit jelly.

It was a tasty change from jam and was extremely good!

Our scones were freshly baked and we had a mixture of plain and fruit.

Although by this point I was fit to burst, I simply had to make room for these:

Look at them. Beautiful! My favourite was the chocolate cake, with it’s delicious mousse like filling!

The tea was constantly refilled, and we were offered more sandwiches, Scones and champers!

For me, when I was invited, I thought that this was a once in a life time experience, and it certainly blew my expectations out of the water! I was with an amazing group of women, and was made to feel welcome and comfortable in a place that I have only ever read about, I hadn’t even contemplated that I would ever go!

Now I’m looking back on this day and thinking why did I feel that I would never go here? If I want to go some where or do something then it’s up to me to make it happen! I had such a wonderful day and it has made me more determined to make time to treat myself and my wonderful friends more.

Book your afternoon tea at Claridge’s Here

Go on- treat yourself!

Where is your favourite place for afternoon tea?

Laura x

#curvyconvention 2016

#curvyconvention 2016


I can’t actually believe sitting here now that I went through with it.

I auditioned.

I went to three rehearsals.

I took part in the cat walk show!!

It was AMAZING!!!!!! I loved every single second of it!!!!

I was lucky enough to model for five designers. I have listed them below and if you click on the titles, it will take you straight to their website or social media page! 

Koola Doola
Here I am with the gorgeous Sarah.

I am wearing a one off piece – visit the website and get it while you can!

I have to say a big thank you to the ladies from Koola Doola who were so lovely to me! I can’t wait to shop with them!

Photo credit:  PK Photography & QR Photography

Eyani Couture

Here I am with the lovely Bishamber Das.

I have the most gorgeous dress – floor length, off the shoulder with a fish tale finish- WOW!

Photo credit: Moinul Hossain

Nicky Rockets
OMG. Let me explain something to you. I have not worn a tshirt since comprehensive school, about 20 years ago. Yes.

I was always bigger then the other girls. When your the first to develop boobs, and wearing a tshirt, life was not so great. I’ve never worn a tshirt since.

But this:

I can not explain to you how good I felt. I felt cool, confident and just a bit nails in this!! 

Photo credit: PK Photography & QR Photography

I loved it so much, I went and bought it and haven’t taken it off since!! 

Lumy by Paris

French and chic all the way!! I got to wear a cat suit- another first for me! I really like the comfort and the chic look of this outfit!

Plus equals
My fave of the day! Here’s why!

Check out this cool clip:

So. This outfit. Other then amazing, was comfy and I felt on top of the world! It’s the jacket….

The other great thing about this brand- again the people! I had such fun with these ladies and felt comfortable and at ease with them- thank you!

Makeup and hair

I had the lovely Pavan making me beautiful for the day and we did a number of different looks:

Pavan was so chilled out in the midst of all the chaos. I felt totally at ease with her and quite serene!

Pavan’s insta:

Pavan’s website:


I loved the chaos, the clothes, the back stage banter with the girls and the blister comparisons at the end of the day!

Would I do it again? Watch this space ……

I just want to also say a BIG thank you to the girls from my favourite face book group who came to support me! It was so so good to see you and next time, I’m coming to the pub!! 

Laura xx

Two sleeps to go!!

Two sleeps to go!!

Two sleeps to go until the curvy convention!!

I can’t believe it’s here already! It seems like a life time ago that I had the balls do audition, and now it’s around the corner!

It’s been a huge commitment so far. Three rehearsals in London, three long journeys from the valleys- on top of a full time job where I travel all week! It’s been tough but I have loved it!

The best thing about the rehearsals are the other girls. We support and lift each other up. The atmosphere in the room is amazing. Like being surrounded by your sisters!

So I’ve began to get my beauty on, however it’s getting a little stressful…..

Also had a spray tan- first time ever… Shocked at the outcome……

Couple of washes and apparently it will be more golden and less orange. I bloody hope so!!

So far – the nails and brows are successful!!

I’ll keep you all updated on how the event goes! If you have tickets, please do come and say hello!!

Stay fabulous!!

Laura xx

#curvycon2016 – rehearsal 2

#curvycon2016 – rehearsal 2

Oh my gosh I am so ashamed of myself! Blogging seems to have taken a back seat due to work commitments and everything else! 

However, it’s something I really really enjoy so am committing myself to two blogs a week from now on!

This week, I went back to London for the second rehearsal for the curvy convention. I felt so much more confident this time around.

I have been practising at home and it made a difference!

Photo credit: Mark Singh 

The other thing that made a massive difference was that our group had gelled. It was great to see the girls and we spent the day empowering and supporting each other. Oh and of course having fun!

It was so hot outside and even hotter inside! Hence the hair scraped back!

We just want to do a great job on the day! 

One more rehearsal to go and then it’s the main event!

Get your tickets Here

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Laura x

Curvy convention 2016: 1st rehearsal April 

Curvy convention 2016: 1st rehearsal April 

Omg it was brilliant!!

Not the best opening line for a post but, I was buzzing with excitement! 

The day started in sunny Pontypridd at 10am when I set off to London!

I didn’t have a clue what to expect so I plastered on the slap and packed about five pairs of shoes!

The rehearsal took place in the Dance Attic studios in Fulham. I was impressed that not only did I find it, I also managed to find a parking space and not get a fine!!

I met the other girls and get instantly more relaxed.  They were so friendly and chatty- right up my street! 

Then the hard work began.

I’m not kidding.

I’ve never done anything like this before in my life, and there was lots to take in and learn.

We had a fabulous teacher – Glenn Ball. We jumped straight in and worked solidly for hours!

I felt awkward next to the other girls at some points because they just ‘got it’. But I’ve come this far and I’m not going to let myself down now!! Practise makes perfect!

It was a long day, especially with the travel, but 100% worth it.


One rehearsal down, two to go!! I am so excited about the convention!! 

Not only is it something I have been wanting to attend for a few years, it is also something that is going to challenge me!

What’s your challenge?

Laura xx

Well I never!

Well I never!

So it’s been a while.

I always say this and I’m sorry- life just takes over sometimes! I missed you guys and hope you are all well!

So this curvy convention audition……

Like I said in my previous post I had a blast! I never thought any thing would come of it. I was just grateful to meet such great women and proud that I worked up the guts to go!

However, that’s not actually the end of it! I was one of the 35 girls to be chosen!! I have never been quite so excited about anything! Another chance to see these amazing women, play dress up and strut my stuff- I can’t contain myself!!

What happens next?

I have to attend some cat walk lessons! It’s so exciting! Then the big day is in May! No doubt I will have lots to tell you!

Thanks to every one for their amazing support! Especially to a group of wonderful women on Facebook who support, push and respect each other and helped me to do this.

Stay body positive! 

Laura xx

Curvy convention- more than just an audition

Curvy convention- more than just an audition

After loosing my beloved grandfather a few weeks ago, it made me think about my life a little more.

I go to work and I work really really hard, and then I come home. I don’t go out that much and I don’t have any real hobbies.

Is that living? Maybe. I want to be like my grandad. At the grand old age of 93, he was able to look back on his life and his achievements. An intelligent, well read and well travelled man. Life was always an adventure to him and I want the same for me!

The first thing I did was to stop being scared and put myself way out of my comfort zone. I went to London and auditioned to be a model for the curvy convention, a plus sized fashion convention in the UK.

I was terrified!!!!

I needed some support so turned to a plus sized group on Facebook that I have been a member of for over a year.

I got in touch with some of the lovely ladies who were going and a few of us decided to meet up- saftey in numbers and all that!

I met the wonderful Sarah and Natasha. They met me at the tube station and we stayed as a little group all day long. It was lovely to be made to feel so welcome in the big smoke!

There were over 200 beautiful ladies in the line to audition. Some were professionals with amazing portfolios, which was a little intimidating. However we decided that they all had to start some where, just like us!

We met the current UK Miss Beauty Curve, Emily Blake who was not only gorgeous but one of the nicest ladies you could meet!

The actual audition didn’t last long at all! A photo and a mini walk up and down a room and you were done! I don’t feel like I did very well but for a valleys girl it was a big step! 

After it was done, we decided to use Leicester Square as our own personal cat walk! We were so pleased that we had over come our nerves and our fears and done it that we were hyped up!  

Look at us! Three girls who had never met before having the best few hours and making new friendships! It was brilliant and hilarious! 

We find out in a few weeks if we were successful. I hope that we are!

But if I am not than at least I can tick it off my bucket list! 

Be bold, brave and challenge yourself. What have you got to lose?

Laura X