Weight loss update 

Weight loss update 

I’m going to be really honest with you- and therefore myself in this post.

I’ve been in slimming world since April and have lost just over two stone.

It’s been slow and frustrating. But I’ve lost two stone so why am I not happy?

When I was 18 I joined slimming world. I was miles away from home, in university with no car and walked every where. I lost six stone in six months- it was marvellous.

Obviously now at 34, the weight has returned with a few more friends and I’m back at slimming world.

I suppose my disappointment comes from the fact that the losses are slower compared to those from the first time around.

Let’s look at this logically. I HAD to walk every where. I had to walk about a four mile round trip to even attend slimming world in those days.

I’m now 34. I have a job that involves frequent travel. Don’t get excited – it’s around the UK which means hours and hours sat in a car, not moving, not burning up calories.

I’m also older, my body is lazy, as is my mind.

Looking at my weight losses over the past few months, I am lucky to loose three weeks on the trot, and then put on in the fourth. Seems to be a pattern.

I am writing this post because during slimming world class this week, another lady was disappointed with her slow losses. The group discussed this and I had a light bulb moment. 

I HAVE LOST WEIGHT. If I hadn’t joined slimming world God only knows what I would weigh now. 

I’m not always 100% on plan, I slip up, I don’t count the chips I pinch off my boyfriends plate sometimes, and I still like cake.

However I have got that two stone off. I feel so much better! People are starting to notice, but most of all- I like myself a little bit more.

my boyfriend took this photo of me the other day is my lovely new dress from River Island. I actually like this photo! So what if I have a fat face in it, you can still see my confidence and happiness!

So. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter if your going for your goal and it seems to be a very long road. You are on that road and you will make it!

Stay positive and focussed!

Laura X

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Black tie ball blues

Black tie ball blues

hi every one

I’m looking for some help!

I have a black tie ball to attend and what on earth do I wear?!

I want to look fabulous but not be uncomfortable all evening!

The ball is part of a course I have been attending run by Swansea university, and I have loved every second of it!

So I really want to enjoy this evening!

I have this dress:

I like it, it fits, I feel comfortable etc- but it’s a bit low….

Do you think it would be appropriate?

What would you wear? Full length?

Let me know! I’m open to ideas!

Thank you in advance!

Happy holidays!

Laura x

The weekend

The weekend

I totally lack will power!
However luckily for me I stayed with some friends who have my best interests at heart even down to a gluten free sausage for breakfast!

I still wasn’t very happy with how I looked but I am starting to make moves to put myself first! Work is horrendously busy and I am away AGAIN this week. As I said previously I think I will be fine at this hotel- it seems to cater for everyone!

Does any one have any tips to stay healthy, gluten and dairy free while travelling?

My top tip would be: if travelling on my own I pack a plastic plate and cutlery so I can buy a salad etc and eat it in my hotel room! It sounds sad but I hate eating in a restaurant by myself so it suits me!

Here are a few photos from the wedding party which was brilliant!

What I wore: dress from curve at asos, necklace from Evans and my most reliable Estée Lauder lipstick!


My beloved xx


Tomorrow is the start of something new..

Tomorrow is the start of something new..

Of course it is! As always I am full of good intentions to start my new way of life.  We are half way through February, and I think I have done this 5 times so far this year already!

However this time, I do not have much choice.  I am over weight and have recently learnt that I am dairy and gluten intolerant.

I have decided to start this new life style tomorrow.  I have known for over a week that it is happening, but my boyfriend had promised me a special romantic meal and I wanted to eat that first!

I have started this blog for a number of reasons including,  to look for help and support.  I have never completely cut out a food group let alone two, but this is my health and I am fast approaching mid thirties and I want a long, happy and healthy life.

Also, I can not cook! So please share any tips and recipes for beginners, and I will document my ‘have a go’ effort at them!

I have always been bigger.  Maybe not this big,  but always more curvy.  However, this does not mean I do not enjoy getting my glam on and looking good!  I love fashion blogs and look forward to sharing my favorites!

Any way tomorrow is a new start, so any tips will be greatly received 🙂

Laura x