Feeling good.

Feeling good.

Last year, at the office party- I felt awful.

I hadn’t made an effort with my outfit and the venue was packed with glamorous women. It’s normal to feel a little out of sorts in these situations!

So this year I decided that I was going to make a huge effort.

Following blogs such as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and the Not so Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess, I had developed an obsession with Lady V London.

A company that produces the most beautiful vintage dresses in a variety of sizes, with lots of different styles.

I spend my whole life taking screen shots of stuff I want. These dresses though….. 😍

What I was looking for was a dress that gave me shape, had sleeves and a reasonable neck line…. Picky?

It took weeks but I decided on a frock and wanted the works so got the petticoat as well!!

Isn’t it beautiful? 

This photo was taken just after I ripped open the parcel and tried it on. I could not wait! Don’t worry I didn’t wear those shoes…

At the actual party I felt like a complete princess. Strangers approached me with compliments, girls harassed me in toilets and I have never had to do so many twirls in my life! It was fabulous! However there were only two photos taken!

 What do you guys think?

I can honestly tell you that the dress was extremely comfortable. I used the size guide on the website- and the fit was perfect. Surely glamourous shouldn’t be this easy!? 

Under the dress I am wearing a maiden form body, but the wide belt really does give you a waist.

Show me your party dresses!

Stay fab

Laura X