#ootd birthday lunch to dinner

#ootd birthday lunch to dinner

As I haven’t been very wel for a while, I have had plenty of time to shop on the Internet to find some clothes to wear for my birthday! 

Here is my day look:


  • Kimono-Rogers & Rogers 
  • Vest- Evans
  • Cropped trousers- TKMaxx
  • Shoes- M&S

I felt comfortable yet glam is this outfit! I will defiantly be wearing this again!!



  • Dress-ASOS
  • Shoes- Clarkes

I wasn’t sure about this dress until I put it on! I loved it!

Because you can tie it at the waist it gives you a great shape, and the cross over at the boobs makes the girls look fabulous!

I have a large chest so I did fee that I needed to pin myself into this so that I didn’t fall out at any time.

However, an extremely comfortable dress for a night out- highly reccomend!

What have you worn for a special occasion?

Laura x


#OOTD informal work meeting 

#OOTD informal work meeting 

An informal meeting today at work- here is what I am wearing   Jacket-Debenhams 

Vest- Evans

Jeans- new look 

Shoes- Clarks

Necklace- next

Watch – Radley

Bracelet- Tiffany 

Stay fabulous

Laura x

‘Smart casual’ for work

‘Smart casual’ for work

At work I spend most of my time at meetings, standing up at the front presenting. Obviously when I dress well, I feel confident.

When I feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I feel unconfident in the messages I am trying to get across, which makes my audience lack confidence in me.  Hence, I am mostly found in a dress and high heels.

However, the travel in the dress and tights is, let’s be honest, bloody uncomfortable!

This week, my meetings have so far been local and a little more relaxed. I decided to try out a new look! I didn’t want to be wearing tights or a coat in the car – it’s too much! Then, when I get hot I have to carry the bloody coat around with me.  I say carry, I tend to drag the bloody thing on the floor behind me, picking up twigs, cats and small kids along the way.

Here is what I decided on: 


Cardigan- John Rocha

Trousers- Matalan

Top- Evans

Scarf- gift from beloved

Shoes- Clarks

Please excuse my miserable face- it was about 7am!

I felt very comfortable in this outfit all day long! I especially liked the trousers which I bought recently for £14- bargain! I live in them!

I also found (finally) my sunglasses from ASOS, which I bought recently in the sale for a fiver- result!


Finding outfits for work is so hard!

My main go to retailers for work wear are Debenhams,  Matalan, M&S, Evans and sometimes ASOS.

What about you?

Laura x

Waiting for pay day…

Waiting for pay day…

It has been so busy AND expensive this month! I literally can’t wait until pay day!

I have spent all my pocket money on socialising so am now planning how to spend my next pay check!

Here are some things that I NEED!


This pretty dress from Evans! I am practically always in a dress and this blue number with the beautiful pattern is right up my street! And it’s in the sale!   

THESE SHOES. I don’t need a reason. They just need to be mine! Gorgeous!


This because I need a statement necklace- perfect!

I also need some new make up! I have been on the look out for a champagne coloured eye shadow….


I love wearing black liquid eye liner over a neutral colour and I think this just might be the one!

What do you have your eye on this month?

Laura x 


The weekend

The weekend

I totally lack will power!
However luckily for me I stayed with some friends who have my best interests at heart even down to a gluten free sausage for breakfast!

I still wasn’t very happy with how I looked but I am starting to make moves to put myself first! Work is horrendously busy and I am away AGAIN this week. As I said previously I think I will be fine at this hotel- it seems to cater for everyone!

Does any one have any tips to stay healthy, gluten and dairy free while travelling?

My top tip would be: if travelling on my own I pack a plastic plate and cutlery so I can buy a salad etc and eat it in my hotel room! It sounds sad but I hate eating in a restaurant by myself so it suits me!

Here are a few photos from the wedding party which was brilliant!

What I wore: dress from curve at asos, necklace from Evans and my most reliable Estée Lauder lipstick!


My beloved xx