Curvy convention- more than just an audition

Curvy convention- more than just an audition

After loosing my beloved grandfather a few weeks ago, it made me think about my life a little more.

I go to work and I work really really hard, and then I come home. I don’t go out that much and I don’t have any real hobbies.

Is that living? Maybe. I want to be like my grandad. At the grand old age of 93, he was able to look back on his life and his achievements. An intelligent, well read and well travelled man. Life was always an adventure to him and I want the same for me!

The first thing I did was to stop being scared and put myself way out of my comfort zone. I went to London and auditioned to be a model for the curvy convention, a plus sized fashion convention in the UK.

I was terrified!!!!

I needed some support so turned to a plus sized group on Facebook that I have been a member of for over a year.

I got in touch with some of the lovely ladies who were going and a few of us decided to meet up- saftey in numbers and all that!

I met the wonderful Sarah and Natasha. They met me at the tube station and we stayed as a little group all day long. It was lovely to be made to feel so welcome in the big smoke!

There were over 200 beautiful ladies in the line to audition. Some were professionals with amazing portfolios, which was a little intimidating. However we decided that they all had to start some where, just like us!

We met the current UK Miss Beauty Curve, Emily Blake who was not only gorgeous but one of the nicest ladies you could meet!

The actual audition didn’t last long at all! A photo and a mini walk up and down a room and you were done! I don’t feel like I did very well but for a valleys girl it was a big step! 

After it was done, we decided to use Leicester Square as our own personal cat walk! We were so pleased that we had over come our nerves and our fears and done it that we were hyped up!  

Look at us! Three girls who had never met before having the best few hours and making new friendships! It was brilliant and hilarious! 

We find out in a few weeks if we were successful. I hope that we are!

But if I am not than at least I can tick it off my bucket list! 

Be bold, brave and challenge yourself. What have you got to lose?

Laura X