Weight loss update 

Weight loss update 

I’m going to be really honest with you- and therefore myself in this post.

I’ve been in slimming world since April and have lost just over two stone.

It’s been slow and frustrating. But I’ve lost two stone so why am I not happy?

When I was 18 I joined slimming world. I was miles away from home, in university with no car and walked every where. I lost six stone in six months- it was marvellous.

Obviously now at 34, the weight has returned with a few more friends and I’m back at slimming world.

I suppose my disappointment comes from the fact that the losses are slower compared to those from the first time around.

Let’s look at this logically. I HAD to walk every where. I had to walk about a four mile round trip to even attend slimming world in those days.

I’m now 34. I have a job that involves frequent travel. Don’t get excited – it’s around the UK which means hours and hours sat in a car, not moving, not burning up calories.

I’m also older, my body is lazy, as is my mind.

Looking at my weight losses over the past few months, I am lucky to loose three weeks on the trot, and then put on in the fourth. Seems to be a pattern.

I am writing this post because during slimming world class this week, another lady was disappointed with her slow losses. The group discussed this and I had a light bulb moment. 

I HAVE LOST WEIGHT. If I hadn’t joined slimming world God only knows what I would weigh now. 

I’m not always 100% on plan, I slip up, I don’t count the chips I pinch off my boyfriends plate sometimes, and I still like cake.

However I have got that two stone off. I feel so much better! People are starting to notice, but most of all- I like myself a little bit more.

my boyfriend took this photo of me the other day is my lovely new dress from River Island. I actually like this photo! So what if I have a fat face in it, you can still see my confidence and happiness!

So. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter if your going for your goal and it seems to be a very long road. You are on that road and you will make it!

Stay positive and focussed!

Laura X

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Weekly weigh in: weight gain :(

Weekly weigh in: weight gain :(

Hi every one.

Things have been so manic that I have not been very good at the old diet.

Forgive me slimmers for I have synned.

I gained half a pound and i deserve it.

Cake, Chinese, Indian, bread, vodka, and so on. What on earth do I expect?!

I need to get back on track.

Last week I made some photo collections up to celebrate how far I had come.

I know it’s not a huge weight loss- but it’s huge to me. It’s been a long time since I stuck to a diet so I need to remember what I’ve achieved!

I am going to plan out my week and include lots of speed foods and exercise!

How do you get back on track?

Stay fabulous 

Laura x

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…

hey everyone!


I’m sorry it’s been a while. Beloved and I have been going through a rough patch so I have been really miserable. I couldn’t blog because I was boring myself with my pity party and didn’t want to subject you to it.

It was pretty bad. Beloved moved out for a week. However he is back and we are making much more time for each other! 

I thought I could live with out him, but I can’t. It was horrible. 

In other news. The diet was blown and I was really upset by some of the recent photos of me including this one.

I show you because then I am accountable.

I feel sorry for that chair, I really do.

However, I’m back and I have lots of plans and things to show you!

If you have any diet and exercise tips to get me back on the wagon please send them over.

I’m also looking forward to catching up on all your news.

Love you.

Laura xx

My wardrobe goal

My wardrobe goal

I have been hankering after a Vivien of Holloway dress for the past six years.

Last week I bit the bullet and bought one, second hand on line.

These dresses are in vintage sizes so I was never quite brave enough to order one.

Now I have one!

It fits, but alas not comfortably.

I’m really nervous, but here is what it looks like now:


I can get it on and zipped up, but it feels tight across the bust and the back.

It also needs a petticoat and some fabulous shoes!

Now that I have started going to the gym I feel like I could wear this dress and feel comfortable one day.

I even have a goal for that ‘one day’ so I do not just keep this in my wardrobe and cry in a years time, when it still doesn’t fit!

I have a wedding in August and another in September- AND I WILL BE WEARING THIS DRESS!!!

If you have any tips or any goals you are trying to reach- please comment!!

Let’s be fabulous together.

Laura x

My beloved the chef

My beloved the chef

my beloved loves to cook- lucky me!

I told him about wanting to cut down on calories and he went out to buy fresh ingredients for a salad.

Look at this beauty  

Bloody delicious and super fresh! Should be for the cost!

I haven’t the heart to tell him I don’t like olives and I am allergic to feta cheese! I just didn’t take any and he didn’t notice so every one is a winner!

Even better- there is enough for my lunch tomorrow!

What do you have in your lunch box?

Laura x 

That is it.

That is it.

so I tried on my beautiful dress that I wanted to wear for the black tie dinner next week.

It fits me but I can’t breathe, sit down or fit my bra in it. Disappointed does not cover it. 

When I wore this dress I felt a million dollars and I’m gutted that I can’t wear it next week.

I’m also gutted that I now have to buy another dress. In a bigger size.

I had a little pity party about it and my good friends have persuaded me to join a gym!

We have found one local to us and will be joining after the holiday. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m looking forward to it!

Since taking this job on, I have spent a lot of time travelling and sitting on my own in unkown places, bored out of my mind, and my weight has crept up on me again.

I always lose weight when I exercise regularly and because I’ve been so busy with this job for over two years, I didn’t notice what I had been doing to myself. Sitting in a car for up to four hours a day, going to a meeting, sitting in a hotel room….

Although I try and eat well, i don’t move enough to burn off a carrot stick, let’s be honest.

I’m never going to be the skinniest girl amongst my friends, but I have never been unhealthy. I liked myself best when I was pleasantly plump and healthy. I felt confident and comfortable in myself. Now I feel uncomfortable and upset when my beautiful clothes don’t fit me. 

I would also like to point out that I do not want to lose weight to be a size zero- with my babylons that would be quite impossible. I want to be back in my old clothes, I want my curves back in the right places, and I want a little of the old Mcfabulous back. 

No matter how much I love my job, I have to love and respect myself more and it’s time to put me first again!

Look out for posts on how I get on in the next few weeks!

If you have any tips I would be most grateful!

Laura x

Is gluten free healthy?

Is gluten free healthy?

I went to the doctors yesterday for a ‘lady appointment’ – let’s say no more.

I was given the third degree about my health, which I would like to say is good! I try to eat well, I exercise but I could do more, and I drink lots of water.  However I am under no illusions- I know I am over weight.  I see myself every day, I am well aware thanks!

I also suffer no ailments apart from being tired now and again because I over work!

I was told I was over weight as usual. Let’s again remember that this is a ‘lady appointment’, i did not go in for any thing else.

I was told that my skin was bad. I’m not being vain but I totally disagree!!! Does this look bad to you?

A little tired around the eyes- but not unhealthy, not covered in acne, not a hideous monster!!

I could go to the doctors dragging myself on the floor with my legs in my mouth and the first thing they would say is: let’s weigh you.

The nurse started her lecture and I told her I was now following a gluten free diet. She said it was ‘too extreme’ and she wouldn’t recommend it.

I was taken aback! I feel a million dollars since I have been following gluten free! I still make mistakes and as I mentioned before I think I eat too many of the delicious snacks! But on the whole I am trying!

Also, friends and family are constantly telling me how well I look. I know myself I have bags more energy. Could it be so wrong for me?

What are your opinions? Is it too extreme? Are the benefits I am feeling all part of my imagination?

I beg to differ

Laura x