I’m back… with a new frock! 

I’m back… with a new frock! 

It’s been a little while, well a long while and soon I can explain where been, but we shall save that for another day! 

Any way I simply must show you this Dress I purchased from a company via their face book page Curv’i’licious

Isn’t it fabulous?!

I paid approximately £30 with postage and could have returned it if it it was unsuitable.  I chatted to the owner and she was super helpful even with all my questions! I have a particular material I avoid, I hate pleats at the waist, and the list goes on! 

This cold shoulder dress has a beautiful bright pattern which I adore! I am wearing a size 22 and felt extremely comfortable!

I’ve teemed it with bright pink strappy sandals from New Look which were £11 in the sale and are available Here.

I also managed to find a handbag in the exact same colour at a charity shop for £3.

As you can tell, I’ve also had a tan! Well a spray tan! I had an express tan at La Mia Bella at a bargain cost of £12 and if your local to Rhonda Cynon Taff you can visit the salon Here.

Overall I felt great about my outfit and had a fabulous night out! I won’t lie- my feet are still crying from those shoes so maybe a little gel pad would help out next time! 

Check out my Instagram for some cheeky snaps of my night out! @lauramcfabulous

Lots of love


ASOS try on

ASOS try on

Sooooo I have a big night out in a few weeks!

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I am looking for a party dress so went straight to asos!

For once it was not successful. Here’s my haul, from most hated to maybe!

 click on the headers to view items on asos.

Club L skater dress with Angel Sleeves
(I am trying on the size 22)

You can see by my face that I hate this dress. 

I’m sorry asos, but it feels so cheap!! The drop waist does nothing for a big girl like me. It makes my hips stick out in a big square and I look like a table.

I do however love the pattern.

Not for me.

Yumi plus belted dress with drop hem, in blossom print
(I am trying on a size 24)

I love this dress. I love it on the model. I hate it on me. 

The pattern is beautiful, and the quality is good.  However the front is a little shorter than I would be brave enough to wear. The cut of the waist seems to be pronounced and with the belt, bunches up and gives me more saddles bags than I actually own. 

I believe that I am now between sizes. You can see that the top half of the dress is sagging, but the size down was too small.

Yumi plus skater dress with lace inserts
This is the maybe.

(This is the size 24)

I like this and went for the 24, because it looked better once I had pulled in the tie back.

I like this one- again good quality and a nice fit. But again I am worried it is a little short!

I still do not feel that I have found my party dress though! The hunt continues!!

Show me your plus size party dresses!

Laura x

overcoming insecurities…

overcoming insecurities…

Today I put aside all my own insecurities and did something way out of my comfort zone.

Today I put on a tshirt. I never wear a tshirt unless I am in the gym. Even then, I would have stretched it beyond recognition.

Today I joined an event with almost 2000 people. A walking event. A walking for 10km event.

These are things that frighten me.

I’m frightened because of how awful I feel I look in a tshirt. Especially one that is not black. Pathetic. I am also frightened of exercising in public. Ridiculous.

The reason I agreed to do this? Simple- my friend asked me to support her.

My friends are my family and if they need me, I am there.

Even if I have to do something that is way out of my comfort zone.

Today I supported my friend as we walked 10km to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

We were blessed with the weather- it truly was beautiful!

We walked at a steady pace and I did not once feel awkward, in the way, or that I was some how ruining the team effort.

I actually felt part of something pretty special.

It was an amazing day. There were lots of stories of not only loss and suffering but also hope and support.

So my message would be- don’t let your insecurities stop you doing ANYTHING. I am 33 years old and I have only just learnt this. I am not thinking of what I have missed out on, but what I have to look forward too!

Be you, because you are amazing.

Laura x

Interview outfit

Interview outfit

So….. I have an interview next week, and I’m nervous!

I won’t say what and when but do keep your fingers crossed for me please!

I need to feel confident, capable and on top of my game! Therefore lots of preparation, and a new outfit is needed!

Here is what I have purchased, I would love to know what you think!


Please excuse my face, I’m very tired after preparing all weekend!

The dress (£30)and jacket (£22) are from Matalan, and the shoes (£35) are from M&S.

It was more than I wanted to spend but I loved the outfit and the shoes are the second pair I have bought – exactly the same! Comfy, hardworking and perfect for the office!

What do you think?

I also have to say I was a little pleased with myself. Last time I visited Matalan, I could not fit into anything. If I did get it on, it was touch and go if I would get it off in one piece! Gym and healthy eating are making a difference, and I’m going to keep at it! 

What do you do when you are nervous about a work thing?

Laura x

‘Smart casual’ for work

‘Smart casual’ for work

At work I spend most of my time at meetings, standing up at the front presenting. Obviously when I dress well, I feel confident.

When I feel uncomfortable in my clothes, I feel unconfident in the messages I am trying to get across, which makes my audience lack confidence in me.  Hence, I am mostly found in a dress and high heels.

However, the travel in the dress and tights is, let’s be honest, bloody uncomfortable!

This week, my meetings have so far been local and a little more relaxed. I decided to try out a new look! I didn’t want to be wearing tights or a coat in the car – it’s too much! Then, when I get hot I have to carry the bloody coat around with me.  I say carry, I tend to drag the bloody thing on the floor behind me, picking up twigs, cats and small kids along the way.

Here is what I decided on: 


Cardigan- John Rocha

Trousers- Matalan

Top- Evans

Scarf- gift from beloved

Shoes- Clarks

Please excuse my miserable face- it was about 7am!

I felt very comfortable in this outfit all day long! I especially liked the trousers which I bought recently for £14- bargain! I live in them!

I also found (finally) my sunglasses from ASOS, which I bought recently in the sale for a fiver- result!


Finding outfits for work is so hard!

My main go to retailers for work wear are Debenhams,  Matalan, M&S, Evans and sometimes ASOS.

What about you?

Laura x