Work night out #ootd #motd

Work night out #ootd #motd

So, as always, I’ve been away all week working! It’s been a crazy few weeks and I was looking forward to curling up in front of the TV on Friday night. 

However, I had forgotten that there was a works ‘doooooo’ on Friday night, and was slightly panicked when I got to the office on Friday morning! 

Normally I need about a week to prep! Hair, nails, skin, tan, outfit…. 

I literally had time to get home, shower, make up, dress and out the door! 

I also realised that I need to get a grip on myself- I have plenty of clothes to wear, lots of make up to slap on and one day hair styles better then fresh- I can do this!



  • Eye shadow- l’oreal/urban decay/Bobbi brown
  • Eye liner- collection 2000 liquid
  • Mascara- double wear Esteè Lauder
  • Lashes- allure
  • Eyeshadow primer- two faced.
  • Foundation- always double wear Esteè Lauder
  • Bronze and high lighter- No.7
  • Lips- avon matte- mauve matters

 I was quite pleased I managed to get that much make up on in such a small amount of time!!

Again, I wore the Yumi plus dress from ASOS curve.

I’m afraid I only had time for a classy toilet shot!

The bag is £6 from Matalan- current stock.

The shoes are clarks – but I got them from the Ty Hafan charity shop in Caerphilly for £6 brand new! 

We went to tiger tiger in Cardiff which I wasn’t looking forward to as we had a disappointing Christmas party there last year. However, I must say we had a brilliant night this time round! 

What’s your go to look when time is limited?

Have a great weekend

Laura xx


Make up wins!!

Make up wins!!

I finally managed to create a look I loved this weekend!

After years of trying and watching multiple you tube videos – I made this.

What’s on my face:

  • L’oreal eyeshadow in golden beige
  • Urban decay naked palette 3
  • Collection 2000 waterproof liquid liner
  •  Estée Lauder double wear mascara
  • Allure lashes
  • No. 7 highlighter
  • Avon brow defined in soft black
  • Estée Lauder double wear foundation in fresco
  • No.7 bronzer
  • Avon matte lipstick in mauve matters
  • Eye shadow primer- urban decay

It lasted from 10am through too 8pm – watching the rugby in Wales takes that long lol!

I also wore my latest bargain find- this little savoir number. Ebay- £8.

What do you guys think?

Any tips on contouring?

Never too old to learn xx

My Make up must haves

My Make up must haves

A few of you have asked what make up I use, so I thought I would list my ‘day face’ in the order that I would use it!

I love make up, like way too much.  I am also a creature of habit and stick to a solid group of old reliables, while throwing in a few new bits here are there.

I start with:

A face wipe, usually a Nivea sensitive skin one, followed by a face cream, again usually Nivea. I bloody love Nivea products, and have done since I was small. I have sensitive skin and Nivea products are about the only thing I have found that do not bring me out in a rash. If ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I then use a primer- this month it’s Benefit’s porefessional.  I love this product, it’s easy to use and fees great on. I also like the Smashbox primer.
Next my most wonderful friend- Esteè Lauder double wear foundation in Fresco. We have been best friends for the last 17 years, I trust this product with my life.  

Let’s talk eyes: 

Next I use the urban decay eye shadow primer- love this little guy. Followed by whatever takes my fancy from my current palette. I have been using the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 since Christmas and am still finding new combinations of colour! Then I line. I have been using liquid eye liner since I was 18! My go to brand is the inexpensive Collection 2000- I prefer the waterproof one.  I have used every eye liner under the sun and unless you rub this one really hard, it doesn’t move.
Let’s finish the eyes:  I use two masacaras because my bottom lashes tend to smudge- it’s probably down to my contact lenses.

On my top lashes I use YSL Luxurious mascara for a False lash effect, apparently! I do love this mascara, a couple of coats and I could bat wasps away with these bad boys.

For my bottom lashes, my all time fave mascara- Esteè Lauder double wear masacara. I can’t recommend this mascara enough- doesn’t move, doesn’t smudge and in my opinion worth the money!

 The cheek:I’m into bronzer right now- this one has lasted me months! I like it but I am not sure if I love it. What would you recommend?

The finishing touches:

A bit of Benefit’s watts up on my brow bones, on the edges of my cheeks, and a little on my Cupid’s bow. Then some powder to keep this lots in place! I’m currently using a Collection 2000 one, and I have to say it does a great job for the price!

It seems like a lot, but I can whack this lot on in about fifteen minutes.  My beloved thinks it’s a lot of time however I see it as an investment in myself! I feel pretty, confident and ready for the day!
What are your make up essentials?

Laura x