I’m back… with a new frock! 

I’m back… with a new frock! 

It’s been a little while, well a long while and soon I can explain where been, but we shall save that for another day! 

Any way I simply must show you this Dress I purchased from a company via their face book page Curv’i’licious

Isn’t it fabulous?!

I paid approximately £30 with postage and could have returned it if it it was unsuitable.  I chatted to the owner and she was super helpful even with all my questions! I have a particular material I avoid, I hate pleats at the waist, and the list goes on! 

This cold shoulder dress has a beautiful bright pattern which I adore! I am wearing a size 22 and felt extremely comfortable!

I’ve teemed it with bright pink strappy sandals from New Look which were £11 in the sale and are available Here.

I also managed to find a handbag in the exact same colour at a charity shop for £3.

As you can tell, I’ve also had a tan! Well a spray tan! I had an express tan at La Mia Bella at a bargain cost of £12 and if your local to Rhonda Cynon Taff you can visit the salon Here.

Overall I felt great about my outfit and had a fabulous night out! I won’t lie- my feet are still crying from those shoes so maybe a little gel pad would help out next time! 

Check out my Instagram for some cheeky snaps of my night out! @lauramcfabulous

Lots of love


Two sleeps to go!!

Two sleeps to go!!

Two sleeps to go until the curvy convention!!

I can’t believe it’s here already! It seems like a life time ago that I had the balls do audition, and now it’s around the corner!

It’s been a huge commitment so far. Three rehearsals in London, three long journeys from the valleys- on top of a full time job where I travel all week! It’s been tough but I have loved it!

The best thing about the rehearsals are the other girls. We support and lift each other up. The atmosphere in the room is amazing. Like being surrounded by your sisters!

So I’ve began to get my beauty on, however it’s getting a little stressful…..

Also had a spray tan- first time ever… Shocked at the outcome……

Couple of washes and apparently it will be more golden and less orange. I bloody hope so!!

So far – the nails and brows are successful!!

I’ll keep you all updated on how the event goes! If you have tickets, please do come and say hello!!

Stay fabulous!!

Laura xx

My wardrobe goal

My wardrobe goal

I have been hankering after a Vivien of Holloway dress for the past six years.

Last week I bit the bullet and bought one, second hand on line.

These dresses are in vintage sizes so I was never quite brave enough to order one.

Now I have one!

It fits, but alas not comfortably.

I’m really nervous, but here is what it looks like now:


I can get it on and zipped up, but it feels tight across the bust and the back.

It also needs a petticoat and some fabulous shoes!

Now that I have started going to the gym I feel like I could wear this dress and feel comfortable one day.

I even have a goal for that ‘one day’ so I do not just keep this in my wardrobe and cry in a years time, when it still doesn’t fit!

I have a wedding in August and another in September- AND I WILL BE WEARING THIS DRESS!!!

If you have any tips or any goals you are trying to reach- please comment!!

Let’s be fabulous together.

Laura x

Still at it

Still at it

wow! What a busy weekend filled with friends, food and laughter!

I’ve been down to Swansea to see friends and family and have had a lovely time!

There was a new class at the gym- and seeing as I am on a fitness craze I thought why not!

This new class was called KONGA.  I didn’t know what to expect!

It was actually really good. The instructor was amazing and went through all the moves before each song. Over an hour we did cardio, legs, arms, stomachs and even a little yoga!

I’m going to hurt tomorrow but I am feeling so much better about myself. 

I’m even happier that my friends are doing it with me so we get to have fun!

However, I need a proper gym kit! I had some old leggings and they just kept falling down!

Happy sunny Sunday to you!!

Laura x 


Where have I been?

Where have I been?

wow! What a week!

My job role has evolved beyond my expectations! I am now fully responsible for a two day course! I designed it, implemented it and delivered it. Now I’m exhausted!!! 

I’m really pleased with how it went however I missed interacting with you guys!

As the course organiser I didn’t even have time to go to the toilet, let alone spend some time on my fave things!

Here I  Am ready for a little pre course drink:

Dress – Littlewoods

Jacket – Yours 

Some work wear:

 Every thing is matalan bar the shoes- they are from Clarkes

Exhausted at the end of the day! 

What have you all been up too?

Laura x


Here’s one I prepared earlier

Here’s one I prepared earlier

i love to shop and I love a bargain even more!

I’ve just been through my wardrobe (s) and found this little number.

I bought the dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and forgot about it.

It is from Yours and I paid £7. It’s a bit different from what I usually wear but I kinda like it!

Shoes are from tesco but are old- like six years old.

Cardigan is from Store 21- I know it was bargain but I can’t remember how much it was!

So, I have proved overall to myself that I do not need to panic buy for five days away- I have plenty!!! 

Do you feel the need to have a new outfit for everything occasion?

Laura x

That is it.

That is it.

so I tried on my beautiful dress that I wanted to wear for the black tie dinner next week.

It fits me but I can’t breathe, sit down or fit my bra in it. Disappointed does not cover it. 

When I wore this dress I felt a million dollars and I’m gutted that I can’t wear it next week.

I’m also gutted that I now have to buy another dress. In a bigger size.

I had a little pity party about it and my good friends have persuaded me to join a gym!

We have found one local to us and will be joining after the holiday. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m looking forward to it!

Since taking this job on, I have spent a lot of time travelling and sitting on my own in unkown places, bored out of my mind, and my weight has crept up on me again.

I always lose weight when I exercise regularly and because I’ve been so busy with this job for over two years, I didn’t notice what I had been doing to myself. Sitting in a car for up to four hours a day, going to a meeting, sitting in a hotel room….

Although I try and eat well, i don’t move enough to burn off a carrot stick, let’s be honest.

I’m never going to be the skinniest girl amongst my friends, but I have never been unhealthy. I liked myself best when I was pleasantly plump and healthy. I felt confident and comfortable in myself. Now I feel uncomfortable and upset when my beautiful clothes don’t fit me. 

I would also like to point out that I do not want to lose weight to be a size zero- with my babylons that would be quite impossible. I want to be back in my old clothes, I want my curves back in the right places, and I want a little of the old Mcfabulous back. 

No matter how much I love my job, I have to love and respect myself more and it’s time to put me first again!

Look out for posts on how I get on in the next few weeks!

If you have any tips I would be most grateful!

Laura x