ASOS try on

ASOS try on

Sooooo I have a big night out in a few weeks!

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I am looking for a party dress so went straight to asos!

For once it was not successful. Here’s my haul, from most hated to maybe!

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Club L skater dress with Angel Sleeves
(I am trying on the size 22)

You can see by my face that I hate this dress. 

I’m sorry asos, but it feels so cheap!! The drop waist does nothing for a big girl like me. It makes my hips stick out in a big square and I look like a table.

I do however love the pattern.

Not for me.

Yumi plus belted dress with drop hem, in blossom print
(I am trying on a size 24)

I love this dress. I love it on the model. I hate it on me. 

The pattern is beautiful, and the quality is good.  However the front is a little shorter than I would be brave enough to wear. The cut of the waist seems to be pronounced and with the belt, bunches up and gives me more saddles bags than I actually own. 

I believe that I am now between sizes. You can see that the top half of the dress is sagging, but the size down was too small.

Yumi plus skater dress with lace inserts
This is the maybe.

(This is the size 24)

I like this and went for the 24, because it looked better once I had pulled in the tie back.

I like this one- again good quality and a nice fit. But again I am worried it is a little short!

I still do not feel that I have found my party dress though! The hunt continues!!

Show me your plus size party dresses!

Laura x

Weekly weigh in: weight gain :(

Weekly weigh in: weight gain :(

Hi every one.

Things have been so manic that I have not been very good at the old diet.

Forgive me slimmers for I have synned.

I gained half a pound and i deserve it.

Cake, Chinese, Indian, bread, vodka, and so on. What on earth do I expect?!

I need to get back on track.

Last week I made some photo collections up to celebrate how far I had come.

I know it’s not a huge weight loss- but it’s huge to me. It’s been a long time since I stuck to a diet so I need to remember what I’ve achieved!

I am going to plan out my week and include lots of speed foods and exercise!

How do you get back on track?

Stay fabulous 

Laura x

#curvyconvention 2016

#curvyconvention 2016


I can’t actually believe sitting here now that I went through with it.

I auditioned.

I went to three rehearsals.

I took part in the cat walk show!!

It was AMAZING!!!!!! I loved every single second of it!!!!

I was lucky enough to model for five designers. I have listed them below and if you click on the titles, it will take you straight to their website or social media page! 

Koola Doola
Here I am with the gorgeous Sarah.

I am wearing a one off piece – visit the website and get it while you can!

I have to say a big thank you to the ladies from Koola Doola who were so lovely to me! I can’t wait to shop with them!

Photo credit:  PK Photography & QR Photography

Eyani Couture

Here I am with the lovely Bishamber Das.

I have the most gorgeous dress – floor length, off the shoulder with a fish tale finish- WOW!

Photo credit: Moinul Hossain

Nicky Rockets
OMG. Let me explain something to you. I have not worn a tshirt since comprehensive school, about 20 years ago. Yes.

I was always bigger then the other girls. When your the first to develop boobs, and wearing a tshirt, life was not so great. I’ve never worn a tshirt since.

But this:

I can not explain to you how good I felt. I felt cool, confident and just a bit nails in this!! 

Photo credit: PK Photography & QR Photography

I loved it so much, I went and bought it and haven’t taken it off since!! 

Lumy by Paris

French and chic all the way!! I got to wear a cat suit- another first for me! I really like the comfort and the chic look of this outfit!

Plus equals
My fave of the day! Here’s why!

Check out this cool clip:

So. This outfit. Other then amazing, was comfy and I felt on top of the world! It’s the jacket….

The other great thing about this brand- again the people! I had such fun with these ladies and felt comfortable and at ease with them- thank you!

Makeup and hair

I had the lovely Pavan making me beautiful for the day and we did a number of different looks:

Pavan was so chilled out in the midst of all the chaos. I felt totally at ease with her and quite serene!

Pavan’s insta:

Pavan’s website:


I loved the chaos, the clothes, the back stage banter with the girls and the blister comparisons at the end of the day!

Would I do it again? Watch this space ……

I just want to also say a BIG thank you to the girls from my favourite face book group who came to support me! It was so so good to see you and next time, I’m coming to the pub!! 

Laura xx

Two sleeps to go!!

Two sleeps to go!!

Two sleeps to go until the curvy convention!!

I can’t believe it’s here already! It seems like a life time ago that I had the balls do audition, and now it’s around the corner!

It’s been a huge commitment so far. Three rehearsals in London, three long journeys from the valleys- on top of a full time job where I travel all week! It’s been tough but I have loved it!

The best thing about the rehearsals are the other girls. We support and lift each other up. The atmosphere in the room is amazing. Like being surrounded by your sisters!

So I’ve began to get my beauty on, however it’s getting a little stressful…..

Also had a spray tan- first time ever… Shocked at the outcome……

Couple of washes and apparently it will be more golden and less orange. I bloody hope so!!

So far – the nails and brows are successful!!

I’ll keep you all updated on how the event goes! If you have tickets, please do come and say hello!!

Stay fabulous!!

Laura xx

Six weeks on Slimming World – one stone down

Six weeks on Slimming World – one stone down

Six weeks ago I joined Simming World- again.

Here’s my starting face…

I believe I have joined every year since I was about 15 years old. The sad thing for me to admit, is that it does work for me. I just don’t work for it.

However the last six weeks have opened my eyes to something- age is not on my side!

During my university years, I dropped six stone in six months on the plan. I was active, healthier and young.

Fast forward say fifteen years, and I find myself in a job which involves at least a few hours driving each day, an overall lack of time, and an inactive lifestyle.

When I rejoined six weeks ago I expected to have lost two stone by now. So, am I disappointed?

The answer is no. I have struggled with this my whole life, just now the results are a little slower to obtain.

For six weeks in a row, I have lost some weight each week. I haven’t slipped, maintained or gained. I’m happy!

I have realised that I need to look after myself a bit more, make more time for me, and respect my body.

This was me messing around in work yesterday. Although I look tired, I can see instantly that my skin is better and my face looks Slimmer.

If you are following Slimming World please get in touch with any tips or recipes!

Stay healthy

Laura X

#curvycon2016 – rehearsal 2

#curvycon2016 – rehearsal 2

Oh my gosh I am so ashamed of myself! Blogging seems to have taken a back seat due to work commitments and everything else! 

However, it’s something I really really enjoy so am committing myself to two blogs a week from now on!

This week, I went back to London for the second rehearsal for the curvy convention. I felt so much more confident this time around.

I have been practising at home and it made a difference!

Photo credit: Mark Singh 

The other thing that made a massive difference was that our group had gelled. It was great to see the girls and we spent the day empowering and supporting each other. Oh and of course having fun!

It was so hot outside and even hotter inside! Hence the hair scraped back!

We just want to do a great job on the day! 

One more rehearsal to go and then it’s the main event!

Get your tickets Here

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Laura x

Charity shop chic- April 

Charity shop chic- April 

As you all know, I loves me a bargain!

I got this gorgeous jacket and bag this week during my charity shop rummage!

Jacket- Ann Harvey £4.50

  Good quality, a little on the big side but great to wear instead of a coat!

Bag- Storm £5

  Stunning olive colour, fabulous quality.

I struggle with what to wear on my days off so this was perfect! I wore it with  black trousers, black best top, tan flats and a neutra scarf.

I was going out for a family lunch and felt smart but not too over dressed!

Tell me about the bargains you have bagged!

Laura xx