Six weeks on Slimming World – one stone down

Six weeks on Slimming World – one stone down

Six weeks ago I joined Simming World- again.

Here’s my starting face…

I believe I have joined every year since I was about 15 years old. The sad thing for me to admit, is that it does work for me. I just don’t work for it.

However the last six weeks have opened my eyes to something- age is not on my side!

During my university years, I dropped six stone in six months on the plan. I was active, healthier and young.

Fast forward say fifteen years, and I find myself in a job which involves at least a few hours driving each day, an overall lack of time, and an inactive lifestyle.

When I rejoined six weeks ago I expected to have lost two stone by now. So, am I disappointed?

The answer is no. I have struggled with this my whole life, just now the results are a little slower to obtain.

For six weeks in a row, I have lost some weight each week. I haven’t slipped, maintained or gained. I’m happy!

I have realised that I need to look after myself a bit more, make more time for me, and respect my body.

This was me messing around in work yesterday. Although I look tired, I can see instantly that my skin is better and my face looks Slimmer.

If you are following Slimming World please get in touch with any tips or recipes!

Stay healthy

Laura X


6 thoughts on “Six weeks on Slimming World – one stone down

  1. Well Done! A stone in 6 weeks is seriously impressive! & you’re right, nothing to be disheartened about!
    In response to recipes, I don’t know many other than what’s on the website however, I recently created an Instagram account totally dedicated to Slimming World, a lot of people post pictures/recipes using hashtags – you’re probably aware but I’ve already got a few ideas so thought I’d mention it

    Good Luck with your journey!


      1. No problem! Mine is nicoleswjourney, I’ve literally just started so I don’t have much on there πŸ˜› it’s currently private (though my posts show elsewhere) feel free to add me! ☺️


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