Why I love where I live…. Again

Why I love where I live…. Again

I had the best day today! 

It was the best because I was with people I love, in places I love, doing the most simple things. It was easy.

I drove ten minutes from my house to the little village of Tongwynlais – most famous for its fairy tale castle! Think of the my little Pony Castle and you are on the right track!

A few minutes away from the castle is Forest Fawr, a beautiful forest with various walks and interesting sculptures, historical caves and mines.

  Here we are: ‘The McGriffiths family’- me, beloved and Syd the dog.
Syd is an old lady now and she did struggle a little bit today. However there is a flat path to follow around the forest so she did ok.

Beloved was brave enough to cross this make shift bridge- I thought it best to take a photo of him doing it rather than join in!

  After the walk, we went to the Black Cock Inn on Caerphilky mountain. It’s my absolute favourite. Home cooked food, log fires, cosy, warm and most importantly dog friendly. 

At one point there were more dogs then people here today! Each dog owner that came in, went around the bar giving all the other dogs treats- Syd was very happy with this tradition!

We tucked into the most delicious Sunday lunch I have had in a long time. I should have taken a photo but I was bloody starving and practically inhaled my delicious dinner!

So what I’m saying is, do not take for granted the beauty and facilities around you. There is so much on your doorstep – it’s time to love local!

What have you explored today?

Laura x


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