Dear eyebrows…

Dear eyebrows…

Dear eyebrows.

I know we haven’t always got along but I think after almost 34 years, we are finally nearly friends.

I would like to apologise to you eyebrows, for the whole of the 90’s. During that time I tortured you. I plucked you into the thinnest straightest lines I could. I remember looking proudly into the mirror at my one hair width eyebrows. I’m so sorry eyebrows.

During the early part of the 00’s I kind of wished you were not there. I neglected you eyebrows and I’m sorry. You were big, bushy and desperate for attention. 

Over the last few years, I could see your astonishment at the variety of the other eye brows around you. I remember you recoiling in horror when you saw your very first very first scouse brow. 

I have spent the last three years begging for your love and friendship again eyebrows. I’ve done everything I can for you. I have religiously attended waxing appointments, tried threading, and avoided tweezing as much as i can.

I’ve also taken time to learn about eyebrow care and maintenance. I’ve learnt to nourish and take care of you. To colour and to shape you. To learn to love you again, my dear eyebrows.

So, please eyebrows, let’s make 2016 our year. Let’s live in harmony and love one another.




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