Did you stop and think?

Did you stop and think?

Can you believe that this was handed to a woman on a tube in London?

What type of person does this?

What type of person decides that a particular individual deserves this type of abuse?

What type of person decides that a complete stranger should be singled out?

What type of person decideds to upset someone for no reason what so ever?

I wonder if this person stopped to consider what the other person might have or might be going through at that particular time?

Could this type of abuse be the final trigger for a person who may be on the edge?

I doubt the person who decided to commit this hate crime took these, or any other factors, into consideration.

It upsets me that a person going about their daily commute should be made a target of a hate crime, because this is what this abuse is.

It also makes me think that no where is safe for any person, we are all potential targets these days. It may be because of the way we look, or the way we talk or perhaps the fact that we are not wearing the right brands. Whatever, some one will always have an opinion, it’s only the small few that force their opinions on others.

 Who gives them the right? What happened to loving ourselves and being individuals?

No one is perfect. We have to accept who we are and who others are. Did the lady who was branded with this card commit a crime? No. 

Don’t breed hate.

Love yourself- you are amazing.

Laura X


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