Afternoon tea in the valleys!

Afternoon tea in the valleys!

It’s so lovely to meet up with friends, catch up on all the gossip and enjoy a little treat.

My friends from a course I completed this year wanted to meet up for afternoon tea. As you all know it’s my favourite thing so how could I refuse?!

The venue select was Llechwen Hall in Pontypridd, which pleased me for two reasons. Firstly it’s on my doorstep, and secondly I have never ever been there.

Getting there is easy, but I would reccomend a sat nav or getting the directions from their website.

Coming off the main road, you climb up a hill passing beautiful countryside, and it all adds to the atmosphere of this place.

It’s a beautiful old Manor House, and thankfully it hasn’t decided to turn itself into a boutique type of place, which I see so often.

We sat in the reception area while we waited  for everyone to arrive. Big comfy chairs and plenty of space, and we didn’t feel rushed even though there was a large wedding and a 90th birthday party going on.

Now the food:

Home made, home made, home made!!!!

Everything was simple yet stunning. I even liked the ham sandwich, which is normally my nightmare food.

My favourite item was the mini welsh cake- oh my days!! It literally is the best welsh cake I have ever tasted- the smell of it was even delicious.

As we were ladies lunching, we added a cheeky glass of champers. Cheers! 

This beautiful place makes me proud to call Pontypridd my home.

I would highly reccomend that you treat yourself to a visit to this hidden gem.

Stay fabulous 

Laura X 


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