If I designed hotels…

If I designed hotels…

As you guys know, I spend a lot of time on the road for my job, and that means many nights away from home in various hotels.

It’s not as glam as it sounds, I can assure you.

However, I have found that the simple things please me and make my stay more enjoyable, so I have made a little list.

Trust me.

  1. Receptionist: FYI smiles are free.
  2. A plug next to the bed:  if you use your phone as your alarm clock, how annoying is it if the only plug is four miles away on the other side of the room?
  3. The hairdryer: the 1960s called and asked for their hair dryer back… Please supply us with a hair dryer that actually works. If we Nick it, you have our credit card details!  
  4. Milk: one little carton is not enough. Leave us at least six, that’s almost three cups of coffee.
  5. Coffee: May as well leave us a few too many sachets, you know we are going to steal them.
  6. Tea bags and sugar: same as above
  7. Toiletries: we like the little mini ones, it’s very exciting to see what little luxuries you have treated us too.
  8. No toiletries: shame on you hotel Scrooge.
  9. Cheap shower gel bolted to the wall: seriously wtf? Are you really that tight? Also it’s just cheap watered down washing up liquid, I’ve seen them do it.
  10. Teeny tiny towels: Nope. I need a towel that I can actually dry myself with, not a flannel.
  11. Tray charge: I’m paying to stay here and I’ve paid for the food, why are you charging me £5 to carry a tray?  Ring my when its ready, I will get it from the kitchen myself and you can deduct £5 from my bill.
  12. Theft proof hangers: OMG these are so annoying. Get rid and give us nice little wooden ones. Clothes that have been rammed into a suitcase deserve a little luxury too.
  13. Pillows:  one is not enough.
  14. Bed: a wooden plank with a bit of old foam is not a bed, so don’t charge us £80 a night to sleep on it.
  15. Bathroom: for the love of god check the plug holes.
  16. Well placed mirror: if the plug is one end of the room, and the mirror is the other -it can only result in the bride of Dracula look. For goodness sake give my a little bit of hope for the day ahead and let me at least have a good hair day.

Simple things make a big difference.

When I’m travelling I take everything including my own hair dryer, plate, mug, cutlery and a 2 metre plug extension , to ensure that I have everything I need! Crazy.

What do you pack for a trip?

Laura x


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