Specs appeal

Specs appeal

I am extremely short sighted. I began wearing glasses at the age of about 13. At that time I was plump, had braces and probably a perm in my hair.

At 16 I began wearing contact lenses and I’ve never looked back.

However- I’m now 33 and my eyes ache! Contact lenses are fabulous but I do more driving and screen work then ever before. My sight is suffering.

The last two weeks have been a world wind of optician appointments, desperately trying to find some contact lenses that now suit my needs.

The outcome- I’m still trying to find ‘the ones’. However, glasses are now a must. At least one day a week.

For some one who was made fun of at school for the glasses, it’s a big step.

Here’s my choice:

These are guess glasses with anti reflective lenses, in strength -5.

I feel conscious because they are so thick, but happy because they have bling on the sides!

However- I am only ever going to get one set of eyes and I’m determined to give them the TLC they need.

What do you think

Stay specsy

Laura x


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