overcoming insecurities…

overcoming insecurities…

Today I put aside all my own insecurities and did something way out of my comfort zone.

Today I put on a tshirt. I never wear a tshirt unless I am in the gym. Even then, I would have stretched it beyond recognition.

Today I joined an event with almost 2000 people. A walking event. A walking for 10km event.

These are things that frighten me.

I’m frightened because of how awful I feel I look in a tshirt. Especially one that is not black. Pathetic. I am also frightened of exercising in public. Ridiculous.

The reason I agreed to do this? Simple- my friend asked me to support her.

My friends are my family and if they need me, I am there.

Even if I have to do something that is way out of my comfort zone.

Today I supported my friend as we walked 10km to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

We were blessed with the weather- it truly was beautiful!

We walked at a steady pace and I did not once feel awkward, in the way, or that I was some how ruining the team effort.

I actually felt part of something pretty special.

It was an amazing day. There were lots of stories of not only loss and suffering but also hope and support.

So my message would be- don’t let your insecurities stop you doing ANYTHING. I am 33 years old and I have only just learnt this. I am not thinking of what I have missed out on, but what I have to look forward too!

Be you, because you are amazing.

Laura x


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