Fur family

Fur family

i don’t care what any one says- pets are part of the family. 

I’ve always had cats and dogs and I can’t imagine my life without them.

I have however been through the loss of my furry friends, and it hurts.

So when my friend told me yesterday that her dog of 11 years has passed away, I felt her pain.

We have been friends so long, I remember her having this dog as a puppy.

I felt for her loss and I wanted to make it better, but I knew I couldn’t bring her baby back.

Last year I had to say goodbye to my rescue cat Bonnie who had been with me for ten years. I’m not sure how old she was because she was picked up as a stray by cats protection.

  It was so sad to say goodbye to this beautiful lady. She was in the animal hospital and we went down, watched her eat her favourite dinner, cuddled her until she fell asleep and then we let her go.

She was surrounded by love. I hope when it is my turn, I go just as peacefully.

Although Bonnie is not the only fur baby I have had to part with over the years, the pain never gets easier.

I am just grateful that these animals chose to have a life with me and I was able to look after them and love them.

So this is what I told my friend. Her dog had a fabulous life and loved her very much. 

We are going to spend the day together on Saturday. We will shop, we will pamper and we will remember all the good times with her baby girl.

Look after your fur babies, and they will look after you. 

Laura x 


3 thoughts on “Fur family

  1. I felt your love and I also felt your pain Laura. My ex boy friend’s Pomeranian & I were very close. I loved her as a mother loving her daughter. Holly – her name – still lives but my ex doesn’t want her to spend any time with me any more as his current girl friend took over the part time caring duty.., and that’s his decision I have to learn to respect.
    Well, let me share a post which has Holly in it with me:

    Vivienne X


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