What a week.

What a week.

i have come to realise that no matter how hard you work, how hard you try or what wonderful results you produce, it will never be good enough for some people.

After a mammoth working week I was finally in the office today. I took a phone call where I was spoken to in a really horrible way, and was upset about it.

All I’m trying to do is my job, and work with others not against them.

However after today, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

The positive side of me is saying: you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

The insecure side of me is saying: maybe it’s you.

The sensible side of me is saying: get the wine.

Let’s raise a glass to the fact it is Friday my friends!
Laura xx


2 thoughts on “What a week.

  1. I am clinking glasses with you right now! End of the month in my office is always a hectic week, and leaves us workers feeling a little under appreciated. Cheers to the weekend xo

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