Beloved and the dog house

Beloved and the dog house

My beloved is in the dog house because he ‘spoke to me like shit.’

Excuse the French!

I think when you live together little things wind you up and then you explode! Take for example this his and hers morning routine that I live  through every day!!!

  • 6:30am ME: get up. Shower and clean shower. Hang up towels nicely. Replace toothbrush  in pot after use. Go downstairs, sort out pets, put away dry dishes, wash beloved’s dishes that he used after I went to bed. Finally eat breakfast.
  • 7am. Beloved:  get up- don’t make the bed because I will be getting back into it later any how. Scratch bum. Fart. Use shower and test out girly shampoo because it smells of strawberries. Get out shower, slosh water every where. Clean teeth, leave tooth brush dripping mouth juice all over the glass shelf- I like the way it dries in big white patterns. Shave and leave as much foam around the sink and on the mirror as possible.  Throw towels on the floor, leave pants next to the washing basket on the floor. Get dressed- just pull shirts until they come off the hanger as its too much effort to take the hanger out of the wardrobe and then remove the shirt. Go downstairs, wind the dog up, put shoes on and leave the house.

  • 7:30am ME: finish putting my face on and go upstairs to face the aftermath of beloved’s morning routine. Go into ensuite and turn off the taps that have been left running. (I kid you not, every bloody day.) Pick up towels and hang nicely on rail. Put toothbrush back in pot and wipe up mouth juice. Pick up man pants and put in the basket. Flush the man poo away that has been left as a nice surprise for me. (I would much rather some Tiffany please, ta.) De foam sink and mirror, make bed and open up the window to let the man fart out.

It is no wonder that by yesterday morning I flipped my lid because he answered me back like a toddler!

Any way he seems to have got the message loud and clear that the above, is not acceptable.

Last night I had a lovely dinner cooked for me. Today I had a packed lunch made for me and also my dinner. He is currently making my dinners for the next few days as he is going away.

As much as arguing is draining and emotional, it is worth it for the above results!!

Stay strong.

Laura xx


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