There is nowt more supportive than a bra, or the people that provide the bra.

There is nowt more supportive than a bra, or the people that provide the bra.

apologies in advance. I’m going to talk about bras.

I have a big bust and I appreciate and need a decent bra. When I find some where that not only sells something that fits me, but also has something I can afford to buy- I’m a hard core loyal customer.

I have a number of regular places I buy bras from. I very rarely buy just one bra, I stock pile.

So yesterday I purposely went into Cardiff with one thing on my mind- bras.

First stop- Boux Avenue. Here I normally buy three bras at a time. I searched the displays and couldn’t find my size- 40g. Oh. 

I asked the assistant, and was told that they were phasing ‘that size’ out. 


When I asked why she just shrugged and suggested i could try online. I didn’t drag myself into Cardiff City centre to shop on line sweetie!

I felt humiliated! She could see by my face and her words of comfort were: i know it must be awkward for you.

Awkward? Let me tell you what it’s like for me:

I spend my entire life searching for bras to ensure that I’m supported, comfortable and make the most of what I have been given.

In a non sexual way, I stare at the chests of other ladies in awe. I look at their little boobies with jealousy and wonder what it must be like to walk into Primark and buy a bra for £4. 

I also spend a lot of my time feeling conscious of my appearance, figuring out how I can best cover up my chest. How would you feel? Awkward doesn’t cover it.

I almost cried coming out of Boux Avenue. Then I decided that actually, stuff it. I’m going to my bra home. I’m going to Bravissimo.

Although expensive, it is quality. It is also friendly and welcoming. I was not made to feel embarrassed about my body. Actually, I am made to feel comfortable in my own skin. I am made to feel that I too deserve a bra in a pretty pattern or a nice bright colour.

So two bras later, wrapped up in pretty paper, I’m happy.

Bravissimo i salute and thank you. Once again, you made it ok to be me rather than awkward. 💗

Stay supported.



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