Happy hen do.

Happy hen do.

i have a hen do to attend.

I’m normally a miserable cow and hate these things. I hate the dressing up, girls behaving badly, boys being idiots, sashes, drinking games and scraping some trollied young lady off the floor.

However. This hen do has a theme I actually like.


I’m going to put a posh frock on and a tiara and join this gaggle of girls on a night out in Cardiff!!!

I have been on some truly awful hen events. Ever heard of a restaurant called ‘school dinners?’. No? Probably because it’s closed as it was so disgusting.

I went there on a hen do and watched a waitress regurgitate jam roly poly into someone’s mouth. Entertainment apparently.

One time I paid for a 5 star hotel but ended up sleeping in a flea invested hostel. Literally.

There have also been some amazing ones! A treasure hunt and picnic by the river in Oxford. A murder mystery dinner party. Even a medieval banquet!

Hen parties to mean me pressure. Pressure on the bride to do something fabulous, in case her friends never see her again after she weds.

Pressure on the maid of honour to throw the best ever party that includes everyone.

The actual hens’ who feel that they must attend regardless of costs or prior commitments.

A hen party in my eyes should be a celebration of friendship. Get your girls together and have a good time.

That could be a night out in your local, a sleep over or a spa day. What ever it may be, just make sure your true friends are there to celebrate with you!

I’m off to buy a tiara!! 

Stay fabulous

Laura x


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