Interview outfit

Interview outfit

So….. I have an interview next week, and I’m nervous!

I won’t say what and when but do keep your fingers crossed for me please!

I need to feel confident, capable and on top of my game! Therefore lots of preparation, and a new outfit is needed!

Here is what I have purchased, I would love to know what you think!


Please excuse my face, I’m very tired after preparing all weekend!

The dress (£30)and jacket (£22) are from Matalan, and the shoes (£35) are from M&S.

It was more than I wanted to spend but I loved the outfit and the shoes are the second pair I have bought – exactly the same! Comfy, hardworking and perfect for the office!

What do you think?

I also have to say I was a little pleased with myself. Last time I visited Matalan, I could not fit into anything. If I did get it on, it was touch and go if I would get it off in one piece! Gym and healthy eating are making a difference, and I’m going to keep at it! 

What do you do when you are nervous about a work thing?

Laura x


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