Gym drama

Gym drama

I go to the gym with my friends and we have a great time.

However we know when one of us is a little down and will always do our best to lift their spirits.

Yesterday, one of my friends had some bad news about the damage a builder had done to her house. It’s been on going and she has been so strong, but yesterday was the last straw. These people are beyond the law, and there seems to be nothing we can do.

So, we took matters into our own hands to cheer her up.

She went for it!! My god she is small, but she is MIGHTY!

 Even the instructor was frightened!

Once she had punched the bag into oblivion she sat down and looked at her hand. It was swollen and purple!

So she was wrapped up and we took her to A&E, where we were well looked after! 

Nothing was broken just badly bruised. We got home about eleven pm, tired but laughing after the events of the evening.

It just goes to show that what ever is happening, if you are surrounded by friends they will always cheer you up, even if a trip to hospital is involved!

Look after each other.

Laura x 


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