I hate today.

I hate today.

today has been horrible to me since 9am.

I have felt like every one has been using me for target practise!

Luckily for me I have a really good friend at work who has kept me sane and took me out for a jacket potato at lunch time! Rock and roll!

I didn’t feel like the gym. Not one bit. I dragged myself there and managed 45 minutes before I thought – nope.

I had a chat with the man and he seemed really pleased to see me there. He even commented that he saw me there at 9am on Saturday morning! I told him how much I wanted to be fit and healthy, but after a horrible day at work I can’t focus on it. 

So, providing I get home on time on Wednesday, he is going to give me a personal training session again. It’s scary but I do so much more when he bosses me around! 

I am off to get my fabulous back!

Have a good evening every one!

Laura x


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