Still at it

Still at it

wow! What a busy weekend filled with friends, food and laughter!

I’ve been down to Swansea to see friends and family and have had a lovely time!

There was a new class at the gym- and seeing as I am on a fitness craze I thought why not!

This new class was called KONGA.  I didn’t know what to expect!

It was actually really good. The instructor was amazing and went through all the moves before each song. Over an hour we did cardio, legs, arms, stomachs and even a little yoga!

I’m going to hurt tomorrow but I am feeling so much better about myself. 

I’m even happier that my friends are doing it with me so we get to have fun!

However, I need a proper gym kit! I had some old leggings and they just kept falling down!

Happy sunny Sunday to you!!

Laura x 



2 thoughts on “Still at it

  1. It’s fun to see what different classes there are. I also look into local events like yoga in the park or a fit meet-up! Getting out there & experiencing the different ways to get fit makes getting healthier so much more fun!


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