I did it.

I did it.

i joined a gym.

I actually went inside a gym, and asked to join.

I dragged my friend with me, and we were too nervous even to speak at the reception.

We were doing our best goldfish impressions, when the man made an executive decision and took charge.

We were put on ‘cross trainer things’ for ten minutes.

Then the ‘walking machine’ for twenty minutes.

Then ‘is this a bike thing’ for another twenty minutes.

Sweating like race horses but laughing together we decided to grow a pair.

Usually we are two gobby valley girls, but nerves obviously have an effect on our vocal cords! We knew that secretly we were pleased with ourselves and that we actually enjoyed it.

We spoke to the man and told him our aims:

  • Get rid of tyres
  • Get rid of chub rub
  • Get rid of bingo wings

The man didn’t know what to do- he was the one doing the goldfish impression when he heard our list!! After a few minutes of torturing him we were cackling away again!

If we can’t be honest with ourselves- who can we be honest with?!

Inspired by various blogs, today was possible.  I need to lose weight. That is a fact.

I’m all for being plus size, but my Heath comes first. I want to be pleasantly plump, fit and healthy.

Right now, being honest, I’m not healthy. And I’m not very happy.

However, today’s baby step was a great start!

Our man at the gym has invited us to ‘do arms’ tomorrow. 

Can you believe we agreed?!

Happy Saturday everyone! What small steps have you taken today?

Laura x


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