Recovering from relaxing!

Recovering from relaxing!

relaxing is exhausting!

Before you start, let me tell you why I find it so hard.  I never stop. I am up at six am almost every day, and I normally go to bed at 10pm from pure exhaustion. 

You all know my job is busy and requires extensive travel. When I am home I’m walking the dog, cleaning, washing etc. 

Every other Sunday I drive 150 miles to see my grandfather.

So having five days with no phone (I limited myself to wifi only!) and really no plans was a little strange.

I did a lot of walking (the trotters are in a sorry state) but check out these views.

I also drank a lot of sangria.

I mean an awful lot.


However may I say, by the last day I was like a new person.

I spent days on the beach and evenings chatting over dinner and drinks. There was no washing machine, no Hoover, and no bloody work phone!!

It’s been the break I needed!

I missed you lot though!

Looking forward to catching up with all your news!

Laura x 


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