Today= disaster

Today= disaster

do you ever get those days where it doesn’t look good from the moment you get up?

That’s my today.

I’m having some work done on the back of my house because it’s falling apart. I came one last night and the drain by my back door was blocked. When this drain blocks the house floods.

I rang the builder and told him. I was told not to worry because it wasn’t going to rain.

I live in Wales. It rains here a lot.

Half past six this morning I go downstairs to let the dog out, and I am presented with a house full of water.

I text the builder.

He was there by quarter to seven. 

I walked out of the door at eight because I could not deal with it and it’s my last office day before I run my course next week. There is a lot to do.

In the office I’m printing off enough stuff to furnish a small forest and then there is uproar. A letter urgently needs to be printed and sent. It’s so urgent that three people are involved in this two page letter. The trouble is that my printer run is 300 sheets.

Wow. The drama. 

I’m now home and I have to clean my house first before anything else, because it smells of sewage.

It’s all done and I’m going to put my feet up and indulge in netflix!

I feel I’ve earned it today!

A fabulous end to an all round horrible day!

Hope your day is ending well!!

Laura xx


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