My beloved the chef

My beloved the chef

my beloved loves to cook- lucky me!

I told him about wanting to cut down on calories and he went out to buy fresh ingredients for a salad.

Look at this beauty  

Bloody delicious and super fresh! Should be for the cost!

I haven’t the heart to tell him I don’t like olives and I am allergic to feta cheese! I just didn’t take any and he didn’t notice so every one is a winner!

Even better- there is enough for my lunch tomorrow!

What do you have in your lunch box?

Laura x 


3 thoughts on “My beloved the chef

  1. I’m still at the conventional heating frozen dinners in the microwave stage of my culinary expertise. Your article has a delicious vibe to it. Thank you for sharing!


      1. If I ever tried cooking I feel like I would try eating what I am trying to prepare before I prepare it to others to consume.


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