Chronic man flu

Chronic man flu

Every few months I burn myself out and the dreaded man flu arrives.

This week, I started to feel unwell on Tuesday with a sore throat. By Wednesday tea time I was in my pjs with a hot water bottle, pretty much until Saturday!

I am terrible when I’m like this, I can not gather the energy to do anything. Even eating bores me to the extent that one night this week I ate boiled rice because I couldn’t be bother to finish cooking. 

On Saturday I met up with one of my oldest friends to have a pedicure. I felt terrible! I was coughing, sweating and drinking like a race horse.

However after a lazy lunch and hours getting pampered- I felt so much better!!!

Plus my trotters looked like this: 

As you know , I love spoiling myself and just making a little effort to look after myself made a massive difference!

I am nearly back to my self and will spend today working and cracking on with the blog! 

You can now find my page on facebook, click here

Have a great day!

Laura x


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