#wearethethey and damn we still got it!

#wearethethey and damn we still got it!

I was desperate to post this to you all yesterday but I was in the middle of no where, with no wifi and not a hint of 3G.

Yesterday was rough at work and seeing as I was in the most random hotel by 6pm and climbing the walls, I went for a little walk.

I walked about 40 minutes and then decided to turn around and go back.  I had my headphones in, walking along minding my own business, appreciating the sun, when suddenly a motorbike drove past me and beeped.

(I know he was beeping at me because I was the only one on the road in bloody miles.)

I looked up in time to see him crash into the bend, come off his bike and land on his butt.

I wanted to ask if he was ok but he had picked himself up along with his bike, which had cut out and was trying his best to push it away very quickly!

He may have been embarrassed but It got me thinking…. Some people find it offensive To be beeped at or whistled at but, yesterday I took it as a great compliment and I hope he didn’t hurt himself! 

With Jamelia, Katie Hopkins and others attacking people who don’t fit into their perfect forms- it get good to get a little toot toot from a stranger.

It could be something or it could be nothing, but what’s the problem with being a little positive about life?

#wearethethey and we are beautiful.




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