Simple things..

Simple things..

As you guys know, I spend ALOT of time away from home for my job.

It sounds glamorous, but it isn’t.  It is lonely and some times depressing. Especially when you drive hours and Rock up to your accommodation and would rather sleep in the car!

I believe it is also why I regained a lot of my weight, as I am sat in the car for hours each day, but i am working on that.

Any how with a life like this, little things become so important.  For example my own bed, my own bathroom, and my own kettle!!

The best thing though is walking my beautiful dog.  With the natural beauty of the rolling welsh hill side all around me, it is a privilege to take a walk, relax a little and feel grateful. Today I got to do that before I hopped in the car for a five hour drive.


A simple walk with my girl has made a good start to the week! It is only two sleeps away from home this week and I can’t wait to get back out there with her!

Happy Monday 

Laura x


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