Getting down with the cool kids

Getting down with the cool kids

My beloved loves rock music and going to gigs, getting sweaty and jumping around.

It doesn’t really appeal to me, so I never really get invited.  However after the ladies Night a few months back, I was a little bit worse for wear and would have agreed to eat used cat litter, I was that dazed and confused.

However, I agreed to go to a ‘gig’ with my beloved. A dirty, sweaty gig with a mosh pit. Oh dear.

The gig in question was being held in the Globe venue in Cardiff, with the headline act being Hayseed Dixie. Imagine AC/DC on banjos and your there.

My first thought was, oh god. My second thought is what on earth do I wear? 

I decided that I needed to be comfortable and cool. I went with this:

 Trousers- Matalan


Cami- Evans

Necklace- Oasis

Wedges- Tesco

Bag- ah the bag…. I will be honest I bought it while lying on the beach in Turkey- I have no idea what it is but I love it!

I tried to do GHD curls (again), but my hair is so thick I would be here for a month trying. So I did this:

I’m unsure why I look so miserable here!

So off I went not knowing what to expect, except that I was going to hate it.

Turns out I LOVED IT!! It was bloody brilliant! Lots of great sing alongs with a load of wicked humour.

I loved it so much I hung around with my beloved to have our photos taken with the band! Who would have thought it!  Here is our fave: 
I would highly recommend these guys! I was seriously preparing myself for a full on barney with the beloved over ‘treating me like a lad’, but I ate humble pie! 

Happy weekend lovelies!

Laura x 


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