The whole Jamelia thing…

The whole Jamelia thing…

Well. What do we say about this?

Every one else has had their say and as a larger lady I thought I would also wade on in there.

I adore clothes. I love the way finding an outfit that I love makes me feel- good.

In the right clothes I feel confident, empowered and dare I say it- pretty.

I love the fact that these days I have the option of choice. I have the option of being choosy. I have the option of being beautiful.

Jamelia is gorgeous. She has beautiful skin and a stunning figure. She could put a bin bag on and look lovely. However her recent comments have taken the sheen off her.

I think personality above all makes the person. I think the more lovey a person is, the more beautiful they are.

Personality is everything.

Loose Women is a programme that I personally am not fussed on. I like the idea of it – the sitting around with your mates and having a gossip, but let’s face it, that lot are not mates!

The programme has to offer a balanced view- some one has to be the good cop and some one has to be the bad cop. Looks like Jamelia drew the short straw this time around.

I am in no ways defending her or her comments. I think we should just consider that perhaps she is playing a part.

Let’s think seriously. Does she really consider her fan base to all be what she deems as an acceptable size?

Back in the day, did she really look out at her crowds of adoring fans and wish the larger people to be uncomfortable? I’m pretty sure she was grateful when they bought her albums and paid for tickets to her concerts!

This works both ways. Yes she is getting paid for her opinion- but is money worth isolating your fan base? I don’t think so. I think this had been one big mistake that will cost her dearly.

Let me address the fact that Jamelia stated that shops should stock clothes below a size 6 or above a size 20.  I myself, at my very slimmest sill had enormous Babylons. I needed a size 20 to feel comfortable, and to not poke some ones eyes out. I also felt more confident because I was protecting my modesty- FOR ME. It’s interesting to note that my bottom half at this time was a UK size 12-14.

On the other end of the scale, I have a friend in her fourties who is tiny. Small but perfectly formed. She eats like a bloody horse! She is upset by these comments because she does not see herself as unhealthy because she is below a size 6- it’s just how she is.

As for ‘facilitating an unhealthy life style’ I nearly fell over when i heard this little gem. I mean seriously, are we attributing obesity and all the related diseases to the UK fashion industry! GET REAL.  People will do, live and eat what they bloody well like.  I am not saying that I look at people and give them a full bill of health, I am not a medical professional. Obvs. However, I do not look at people and deem them disgusting on their outward appearance. If we all looked the same it would be incredibly boring! Peoples’ health issues are personal to them, it is not for me, you or Jamelia to comment on their health or lifestyle choices.

The whole issues screams ‘I’m getting paid to cause a drama.’ I can’t even bring myself to address any more of it.

She has made headlines and brought attention to a programme with a tired format. Let’s face it- Denise was the star of the show!

You have the right to feel comfortable and beautiful who ever you are and what ever you look like.  You have the right to shop on the British high street and our fashion industry has the right to meet your demand- what ever your size.

Jamelia – eff your beauty standards.



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