The beauty of my surroundings and their destruction…

The beauty of my surroundings and their destruction…

Apart from a few choice neighbours (a whole other story) I love my adopted town within Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales.

At the end of my road, literally, I have all this beauty:


With stunning views…


 And what I like to think of as secret paths…. 

I walk up here almost every day when I am home. It is beautiful, breathtaking and  a privilege.

However, lately there is a trend for setting the beautiful Welsh mountains alight.  After the lucky spell of dry and sunny weather the ground and greenery is dry and crisp, and will easily burn causing untold devastation to the plants and wildlife that call these mountains home.

I am disgusted that any one would deem this as fun.  

It is a mindless act of crime that not only destroys our beautiful surroundings and wildlife, but also stretches our hard working emergency services.

It seems that most of the firemen and women of South Wales have had to deal with grass fires this week, which puts lives at risk.

Who is doing this? If it is adults, shame on you! If it is children, where are their parents? Regardless, people need to be held accountable for their actions!

This is not my usual type of blog post, but I have been so upset this week.

Not only have I seen the ‘green green grass of home’ turn black, wildlife killed or displaced, but also exhausted emergency services. It is ridiculous that in this day and age mindless destruction is seen as fun.

Laura x


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