Curious at Sainsburys 

Curious at Sainsburys 

I was in Sainsburys and saw this ‘thing’.


Look at the size of it! It is some sort of giant razor that does not need a shaving gel etc.

It was also down to £3.50- worth a try.

I will admit when it comes to my pins – I have only ever shaved them. I can’t wait long enough to wax them because I am so impatient!

I buy a new bloody razer every month- purely for the fact that I believe it is more economical. For example a new razor with two spare blades is £5.  Replacement blades for the same razor- £7. Go figure.

Any way- check this monster out.

  This is the Wilkinson Sword Intuition.  I have never seen anything quite like it! The price and the fact that it doesn’t need shaving gel appeal to me, but does it work?


When using it – the whole thing is very strange. The fact that it is so big makes me nervous that I am going to shred my skin! However the blades are surrounded by this giant soothing type soap which is actually very nice!

I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised! It does actually work! It is going to take some getting used to. If you are anything like me, then the shaving foam or gel is a guide as to where you have been, and where you have yet to go!

This does not have that luxury so it was a little bit of guess work! 

All in all, for showers in the morning or holidays- a very handy little gadget.

What new products have you tried lately?

Laura x


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