Christmas shopping in April…

Christmas shopping in April…

You may think I am crazy but yes, I have started my Christmas shopping!

Not in a serious way but i have several gifts for no one in particular, ready to go!

I can’t help but grab a bargain when I see one!

A few weeks ago I went to a Yankee candle shop, all of their Christmas goodies were on sale- i grabbed a basket full! You can not fault a Yankee Candle, especially half price or less! These gifts always look generous!

I’ve also grabbed a few things from the  ASOS sale. Mostly joke type presents for the office secret Santa! I work between a few offices and get roped into all the secret Santa groups- it can get out of hand! I’m glad to have a few things to hand so I don’t waste time and money panic buying!!

Also, december is my beloved’s birthday. It gets pricey. This is after all, a man-child, whose fourty something heart desires things such as play stations and x boxes- these don’t come cheap. I like to spoil him a little – he is a geek, but he is my geek!

Also, with christmas and birthdays comes nights out and celebrations -these all cost. I hate missing out, so I get organised! I grab bargains where I can, and i attempt to budget! 

How do you manage the Christmas shopping mayhem?

Laura x


5 thoughts on “Christmas shopping in April…

  1. I know I try to start my Christmas shopping in July or August so that by fall I have most of my gifts bought, and I’m not having to squeeze in family travel budgets with Christmas gifts budget. 🙂


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