Charity shop treasures

Charity shop treasures

I love a bargain. I am instantly drawn to a sale sign. If there’s discount off an item, it’s mine!

This is why I love charity shops! In a way, it’s probably quite perfect that I work in charity retail!

This afternoon, I took half a day off to treat my best mate to a girly afternoon as she was child free!

We hardly ever get some time when it’s just the two of us, and we knew exactly what we wanted to do – lunch and bargain hunt!

We had a lovely lunch at a little pub in Caerphilly at the side of the river in the glorious sunshine! Perfect.

Then off we went looking for bargains!


Top – Marks & Spencer’s £1.99

Shoes- Lily & Skinner (new soles from timpsons) £5.99

Photo album- brand new! Paperchase £2

I bought some skinny blue jeans (adventurous for me!) so this top will look great with them! I love the detail on the neck line!

The shoes are exactly what I have been looking for! I will wear them until they fall apart!

As for the photo album- bargain of the day! I am a hoarder as I have previously admitted. I keep tickets, letters, invites, cards etc. Photo albums and perfect for all my special ‘things’ like this! I love flicking through and remembering All the good times!

Any one else have any charity shop bargains?

Laura x


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